Heathen Prologue

The following link leads to First-Tower Squad’s orders to retrieve the Blade of Saint Gavus, as well as a few pictures.

Heathen Epilogue

Immediately after

After the slaying of Naarash and the destroying of the evil artifact, the Eye of Naarash, The cultist camp becomes, not ironically, a mockery of what it once was. Disciplined troops now fight amongst themselves and flee in droves.

The party returns to the dwarf, Glasur, thankful that they did your part to avenge his family. He takes them to Piaculum’s empty grave, where they bury her corpse. She looks more peaceful in death than she ever was in life.

Festivities are held upon returning to Adakmi. During the festival, the death of Dredge is honored. Maria d’Kundarak contacts the Grey Company in Sharn of the mission success. “Tallasht”, your patron, is pleased.

Other Squad Members

  • Cairo nurses her wounds, placing her sword arm in a sling. She won’t be able to fight well for some time.
  • Pilatrius helps run one of the festival booths, selling tacos. He doesn’t do as well as he hoped.
  • Maria, though unhappy that she lost some gold in a bet, is pleased at the party’s return and with Bardan’s safety. That pleasure is quickly dashed when Bardan tries to pour his love potion into Maria’s ale. In front of her.
  • Ghem wins an arm wrestling contest with a bear. He tells people that he distracted him with a joke, and it wasn’t really fair.

From Adakmi to Prominence

First-tower leaves for home, all the charges incurred in Adakmi paid for by the various villagers, pleased that someone could finally strike back at the cult. Brin carries the noble artifact, the Blade of Saint Gavus, on her back. Ignatius houses the loveable and important faerie blade guide, Fern, in his chest.

Elsewhere and unbeknownst to First-tower, the Deneith Blademarks hear word of First-tower completing their mission to strike at the cult. In order to save face, their leader ultimately decides that First-tower cannot live to see the towers of Sharn.

Prominence to Wroat

The 1st of Vult, the twelfth month, in the Year of our Kingdom 1012

At the southeastern base of the Blackcap mountains, about a days ride away from the crossroads to Cragwar and Wroat, is the small town of Prominence (pop 3300). Word travels quickly, and the exploits of a party including a 6’7” daeva, an adamantine warforged, a Q’barran woman, and a guy with a scythe are known, if at least vaguely. Bardan has his own fan club, a small but sure base.

In Prominence, First-Tower Squad meets with Chimera Squad. Chimera leader Rebache Feathershaft (Breland human) is aware of the danger involved in First-Tower’s mission to return to Sharn alive. Kyrie Rooks, otherwise known as Cairo is traded to Chimera. From Chimera to First-Tower are new members Disatot, Mao, and Metapod.

The party travels southward through Wroat, running into several parties looking for them. The first is the Q’barran tribe, the Eryvael, lead by Tyrant of the Eryvael, under the command of an entity known as Romulus. The second is a Warforged group, lead by two dragons named Cassius and Adamaxus, under the command of an entity known as Caesar. Lastly, Deneith’s fourth squad, lead by the unmarked heir Pharrel d’Deneith was destroyed.

Pharrel, Cassius, and Adamaxus were all killed.


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