Return to Sharn

The Grey Company’s popularity skyrockets. At the same time, Sharn’s House Deneith’s popularity plummets. A full story in the Korranberg Chronicle is released that week, and it becomes the talk of the town. Deneith’s official statement is that Pharrel d’Deneith was unfit to lead a squad.

Skeleton Key Prologue

Approximately seven weeks pass after the events of the first arc.

The 22nd of Zarantyr, the first month, in the Year of our Kingdom 1013

Your patron, Tallasht, agrees to meet with you. Kenta Darkmoon tells you of a castle and small city several days ride east called Verona.

Doria Veledaar of House Tharashk assigns First-Tower another quest, as bounty hunters. The job request is from two well-respected Canniths who contact First-Tower via a message station, from Karrnath. Alyssa d’Cannith and Iris Artificer were alerted only days ago that an associate of theirs, Genevieve Stark, a historian of the Wynarn university was kidnapped. She was studying an excavated Dhakaani settlement near Fort Bones in southern Karrnath when it happened.

Completing this mission earns favor with Wynarn University, the most prestigious university in Khorvaire, as well as two powerful representatives of House Cannith.

Developments in Sharn

Bardan dents his sword on an ogre’s head during a bar-fight. Maria d’Kundarak is responsible for fixing it. Apply the ‘+2 Harsh Songblade’ property to your sword.

Enhancement: +2 attack and damage rolls
Critical: +1d8 damage
Property: Bards can use this blade as an implement for bard powers and bard paragon path powers. 
Power (Daily): Free Action. Trigger: You hit an enemy with a bard thunder power using this blade. 
Effect: Each enemy within 2 squares of the triggering enemy is dazed until the end of your next turn. 
Source: PHB2

Recent popularity of Grey Company’s First Tower squad has promised Crowe business in helping out with the local temples of the Host. There was no surprise when he manifested angelic marks during a service commemorating the Day of Mourning and the fall of Cyre. The wing pattern covers Crowe’s arms, upper torso, and neck, and glows a cool angelic blue when he exhibits divine power, including when he speaks in Tongues.

Property: The first time Crowe is bloodied during an encounter, he can make a basic attack as an 
immediate reaction. All damage done with this attack is radiant. (Base item: Backlash Tattoo ADV2)

Being a Skycoach Driver is a tough job. Yuriel learns a few rituals doing odd jobs for ritual masters in Sharn. Details TBD. He grows more in touch with his angelic nature, developing the the ability to empathize with winged creatures.

Brin gains concordance with her shadow dragon patron, eventually learning a name. As with naming of spirits, her bond becomes more powerful and she becomes able to summon an aspect of her patron during combat. The phantom soldier eerily resembles a rank and file Grey Company foot soldier, equipped with a hand-and-a-half sword.

Power (Daily Illusion): Minor action. You must have the Dragon Sword in your hand to use this power. 
An illusory soldier appears in an unoccupied square adjacent to you or an enemy within 5 squares 
of you. The soldier is treated as one of your allies and can be used to flank enemies, but it 
generally does not make attacks. 
  The illusory soldier has the same defenses as you and 1 hit point. It never takes damage on a miss. 
Once per round, you can use a minor action to move the soldier up to your speed. The illusory soldier 
remains until the end of the encounter or for 5 minutes. (Base item: Phantom Soldier ADV)

Surgeon and adamantine worker Metapod, upgrades Ignatius’ armor with adamantine scale and dark iron plates. It becomes +2 Adamantine Plating Layered Plate Armor. Layered plate armor has an AC bonus +1 over normal plate.

A certain minotaur makes many friends in Sharn. He acquires a part-time job, helping Mao at a Grilled Lamprey stand. Also, he gains some contact among some of Drooam’s outsourced mercenaries, including some ogres. Most importantly, he becomes Disatot’s sparring partner. Sparring with Disatot every day eventually leads to the Awakening of the ring on Gen’s right horn.

Warstomp Power (Encounter): Minor action. Close burst 1. Strength vs Fortitude. 
Medium and smaller non-minotaur creatures are knocked prone.

While training with his Blade Guide, Fern, Voluntas learns to open a hole in the warp and summon allies to his location. Furthermore, he is trained in Kn: Tactics.

Property: When a nonminion enemy scores a critical hit against you, and you are bloodied after the 
damage result, you can teleport each ally you can see to a space within 3 squares of you as a free action. 
(Base item: Reinforcement Tattoo (ADV2)

Skeleton Key Epilogue

Traveling from Fort Bones, through a linked portal to Charm, First-Tower travels to an enchanted oasis filled with birds. They forge a tenuous alliance with an ibis-headed Sphinx named Lanavakri, defeat the fae and elven guards under command of the rogue wizard Tanamar Rhok’delar, and dodge the wizard himself. At the same time, they rescue Genevieve Stark from her enchanted prison, recover the Book of Names for Tallasht, and steal the wizards’ research material, halting his plans for power.

The party returns to Charm, where Genevieve recovers, to the triumph of Akira and Farooq, of the Order of Mithrendain.


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