Heart of the Phoenix

The 10th of Barrakas, the eight month, in the Year of our Kingdom 1013

Crowe of Hycael and Kyrie Rooks meet with the Deneith heir, Leo Cristophe d’Deneith, who has gathered 50 blademarks at his request. Genevieve opens the portal to Charm, where they step through and meet with a tall-elf Valenar prince named Beowulf Darkmoon, and his second, Boddynock the Unbreakable, a half orc. The two of them are the faces of a Halfling tribe numbering over 100 called the Spiritwalkers.

The 13th of Rhaan

The few buildings that stood in Charm are razed and broken. The city has been evacuated, and instead of dozens of merchant shop stands and lavish tents, a mere handful, beaten and weathered tents, good for two soldiers each, are seen. Crowe, Captain Leo, and Beowulf meet with the party as soon as they arrive in Charm, with a small number of halfing and Deneith troops. They inform the party that over the past 4 weeks, they have encountered little resistance and pushed Tanamar’s Draconian forces back to an underground temple underneath the Oasis.

There, Kyrie Rooks, Boddynock, and Deneith Captain Ron are commanding a siege, slightly shy of 100 troops. A kalashtar named Lanavakri is doing her best to heal the wounded, but help would be appreciated. All efforts to break inside have been met with deadly magical force, and it’s up to Grey Company’s specialist team, Brin Squad, to meet that challenge.

The party is made up of: Captain Brin, Lord Bardan, Captain Voluntas, Prince Genloneras, Crowe of Hycael, and Whitefire Shin

NPCs include: Genevieve, Raven Fallencrest, Sage Vae, Pit-Fighter, Zhaleik Tallasht, Aora, Syaora, and Teora Chi’vax

The 16th of Rhaan

Brin Squad entered the arcane sanctuary underneath the Oasis and slew Tanamar. Afterwards, Voluntas killed his retainer, Tarisa Phoenix. Sacrificing the Heart of the Phoenix with her dying breath, the dying Oasis burned in a brilliant flash of fire and returned to the way before the corruption.


Crowe returned to Sharn after shaking hands with Brelish Deneith Captain Leo Christophe, Valenar Warprince Beowulf, and Talentaan Lath Tripod. There, he was summoned to head quartermaster of Grey Company and began slowly building the wounded mercenary company back to its former glory. A number of recruits began joining the ranks, solely due to Crowe’s heroism and his awesome girlfriend.

Bardan was invited by Boranel, King of Breland, to become his most esteemed diplomat. He is asked to tour the countries by boat, with an honor guard full of powerful women, in order to claim their women and make people respect the democratic might of Breland.

Voluntas, with the help of his family, works on a script for a play about the works of Grey Company. He is the lead star, with Cindi Quinn as the lead actress, with many other famous actors. The publicity of Elysia skyrockets, and paladin recruitment rosters fill. Quinn goes on to star in many more plays, and rumors begin that House Phiarlan is trying to get Voluntas to marry her, so she would continue to be successful onstage. Soon, he is contacted by Maxxus Clarion, a cousin of Nautica Clarion d’Deneith, and asked to join a league of paladin orders, primarily worshippers of Dol Dorn, god of war. Voluntas is tasked with heading and organizing the sects of Dol Arrah, for a united front, solidifying the defenses against evil across Khorvaire.

Genloneras is approached by a pack of fiend-touched winged gnolls. They seek the son of the Great Horned Creature. They ask Gen to travel with them to Turakbar’s Fist and assist Warlord Rhesh Turakbar. If he accepts, Rhesh will become commander, and Gen will become king of a number of gnolls, harpies, minotaurs of the Turakbar, orcs of the Blood Eye, ogres, and daemons. “Will you be our King? Are you the creature strong in heart enough to be our king?”

Brin is told by the Aora triplets that Auntie Palara has fallen ill. The four go by airship to Q’barra, where they find that she has overworked herself into fever. Elder tells Brin that when Palara returned from adventuring, her cloak was red, and she had you in her arms. Brin was then given to her parents who raised you as their own, as they were unable to bear a child. And so, Brin is asked to lead the tribe.

Yuriel is sought by the Order of Mithrendain, based on the rumors that Yuri the Hunter has been reborn into this world. By this time, Yuriel is able to hunt alongside Arakiss with his bow. He is asked to join their Order, heavy in druids, shamans, and rangers. At behest of Arakiss, he travels to the Eldeen Reaches, where a number of the Order lives, where Arakiss was hatched. Arakiss expresses the urge to start and raise a family, and recommends that you find a mate, as well.

Shin, Remyl, and Aleister are summoned back home to the Seven Ravens Guild to train the next generation of ninjas. Shin becomes a jounin-rank ninja at Remyl and Aleister’s recommendation, and is soon assigned to be mentor to a team of three genin-rank ninjas. The first genin’s name is Goemon, the best ninja in his class. The second genin’s name is average in absolutely everything she does. Shin doesn’t even learn her name. The third genin’s name is Nacho and has the dreaded 9-Flailed Snail sealed inside of him.


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