Remus and the Ninjas

The 4th of Lharvion, the 6th month, in the Year of our Kingdom 949

Emerging into Eberron, the party finds themselves in Talenta and identifies their current year as 949 YK. Encountering Karrnathi merchants and Cyran mercenaries, each member realizes that the vampire dragon, Psyche, has taken something valuable from each of them. The curse strength even affected Raven’s magical beast, ramaL.

Before the party could get their bearings, the rogue Dragon General, Theseus attacked the Oasis, forcing the Cyran mercenaries to slaughter the merchants. After freeing a few Cyran mercenaries from Theseus’ control, but not desiring a direct confrontation, the party escapes through a portal made by an eager Gaston Avenant.

Finding themselves on an airship, the party meets with a young Kenta Darkmoon d’Lyrandar, marked heir of the Lyrandar house. They assist him in fending off some sky pirates, and land near the small city of Padua, to resupply and gather information.

They find that the group the angel pirates hail from is called the Black Hearts. Further, Raven murders a member of the Kawa Nezumi group.

The party finds that an oracle named Julietta is staying in the nearby city of Verona, three days away….

The 7th of Lharvion

Meeting with the oracle Julietta, the party asks for her help in the curse. She eases the harmful effects on ramaL and recommends the party to find Psyche and either slay her or ask her to remove the curse.

On the systematic destruction of Romulus and his allies, Julietta tasks the party to head to central Breland, to the north end of the Dagger River, to the city of Barrinsgate and rendezvous with Dark Star.

The 17th of Barrakas, the 7th month

The party arrives at the city of Barrinsgate after chasing off a bulette larger than a castle and taking a part of its peeled-off skin as a trophy. They meet with a long legged cloaked woman who directs them to a nearby tavern, to wait to be contacted by Dark Star. They are soon contacted by Lady Stella Lightbringer, a member in the Circle of Peers, the ruling council in Barrinsgate. They are asked to investigate the attacks on the Town Watch in exchange for a substantial reward.

The 28th of Barrakas, the 7th month

After over a week of investigation, a number of things have happened.

  • Randalf has triangulated the origin of the attacks, a location in the Bloody Knives’ gang territory.
  • The party has been attacked by a Bloody Knife lieutenant named Sharona. Her and a number of her heavies have been infused with draconic blood, giving them inhuman strength.
  • Several minor objects have been lifted from or lost by the party, including Yuriel’s boomerang, Raven’s utility knife, Rin’s antique scimitar, and some of Gunhild Viktoria’s armor scraps.
  • Yuuya Heartsong has fallen anemic, and is in stable condition in a hospital near the center of town.
  • Lightbringer’s biggest opponent is a Khoravar named Erinblad de Vast, who has gained a new consort, by the name of Talria

The 1st of Rhaan, the 8th month

The party finds a note, carelessly left behind from a recent attack on a watch patrol. It details a deal to be made in a few hours at a construction site. On their way, the party finds Corkus, a Watch Lieutenant, who asks the party to accompany his unit. Soon, they are ambushed by Orpheus Northstar and a group of trained Empire Myrmidons. Corkus’ squad is entirely wiped out, and Orpheus escapes. The construction site is a laid trap, and the party defeats a mechanical monstrosity.

Soon after the latest attack on the Watch Patrol, a motion is set forward in the Circle of Peers that results in Erinblad de Vast hiring mercenaries to supplement the Watch’s forces. As Takeshi, Randalf, and Lightbringer are explaining this to the party, a suspicious cat bolts out of the mansion.

Chasing after the cat, the party wanders into Kawa Nezumi territory. Inira Montoya, who seeks revenge against Raven after her father was killed by him, fights Aenaeas one on one. The party then makes a deal with the nezumi, Keiichi, for neutrality. The cat escapes at the last moment, however, and leads the party to an abandoned warehouse. Once inside, assassins light the warehouse on fire, but they ultimately escape. Rin and Takeshi are hospitalized for severe burns and smoke inhalation.

The 3rd of Rhaan
After several tries of visiting Sven, Raven and Takeshi sneak into the Bloody Knives’ hideout to meet with him. They are given an ultimatum and sent away.

The 4th of Rhaan
Raven recognizes one of de Vast’s mercenaries as one of the thugs that tried to assassinate the party at the warehouse. Supplying this knowledge to Lightbringer, she admits that she once had strong ties with the Bloody Knives, but it is too obvious that they betrayed her.

She plans for a show of force at some docks where the Kawa Nezumi and Bloody Knives have been feuding over, and asks the party to siege the Bloody Knives hideout and dispose of Sven. She uses her connections with the Black Heart pirates.

The 5th of Rhaan
The party uses their connections with the Kawa Nezumi and convince them to join the Black Hearts in their show of force at the docks. Shin convinces the Go Rangers to assist their cause. Takeshi and Rin, with the aid of healers that Lightbringer hires, fully recover.

The 7th of Rhaan
The party sieges a well-defended hideout. Sven reveals himself as Remus, brother of Romulus. The party tactically withdraws, but not without killing several of Remus’ bodyguards and destroying his house. In the fight Shin Asakura is violently killed and Yuriel is taken captive.

On their return to Lightbringer, they are approached by the same long-legged cloaked woman who met them when they had just entered Barrinsgate. She says, “you have not won yet,” before disappearing. Soon after, there are reports of a dragon flying off into the silver gray moon of Eyre.

The 8th of Rhaan
Yuriel is found badly beaten and gagged in a hole outside of town. Rin spends time healing Yuriel’s wounds. After Sven is revealed as Remus, he skips town. The Bloody Knives fall into disarray as Sven’s long-ago-murdered corpse is found, and the party earns Lightbringer’s reward. The Bloody Knives are in complete and total disarray. The Heavies that were hired by de Vast, leave town en masse. Erinblad de Vast is almost immediately forced to step down from the Circle.

Yuuya’s condition begins to rapidly decline.

The 10th of Rhaan
The party meets with Dark Star. Aenaeas offers the Lion Spear artifact and Raven offers the Dragon Sword artifact to her, in exchange for alleviating Raven’s curse and summoning the dragon, Psyche, in order to renegotiate the deal they made.

The 11th of Rhaan
Yuuya and Aenaeas have made a full recovery.

A wounded Kurja and a broken and beaten Damascus return to Barrinsgate and are eventually both hospitalized. They report that Remus is located in a hideout a mere half-day from the city. The party quickly gears up and hurries to the location.

There, they infiltrate the base at the Bloodknife cliffs and kill Remus.


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