Eidothea and the Pirates

Nymm, the 6th month, in the Year of our Kingdom 990

Syrania, the Azure Sky, is coterminous to the Material Plane. The skies are clear, the winds are strong, and time returns to the Summer Knights of the Yellow Rose.

Servant Corinne, though only appearing to be 2 or 3 years older than she was previously, informs the party that she has been checking the storage room for over 30 years…


The party learns of an island off the coast of Lhazaar called the Dragon’s Palm, where Romulus’ egg clutch is rumored to be. They are tasked with the mission of destroying the clutch.

The party journeys via Kenta d’Lyrandar’s airship to the Lhazaar Principalities. Onboard the ship, they meet with several adventurers (Regdar, Jozan, Mialee, and Haruka) warning about the viciousness of Lhazaar mercenaries. Kenta gives the party a Lyrandar recommendation to give to the leader of the city, Seryth Orodaum, a man named Gondra.

Gondra orders the party to infiltrate a Dwarven pirate group that has been attacking the Confederacy of Orodaum, an alliance of the nearby cities. Gaining their trust by acting as rebels, they board a Dwarven submersible driven by a Pridebeard Dwarf named Tordek, and are brought to the Shrouded Crags.

Meeting with the Dwarven leader, Baldin Morngrim Fireforge, they soon defend him from a would-be assassination, assumedly hired by Gondra. The party learns that Gondra has likely ousted the previous ruler of Orodaum, Ryu d’Lyrandar, a skilled ship captain, instrumental to the party in order to navigate the treacherous fogs that surround the Dragon’s Palm. Further Baldin reveals that the Lyrandars held an alliance with the Shrouded Crags, agreeing to supply weapons and supplies to the Dwarves in exchange for defense against kuo-toa attack; Gondra had refused to uphold this.

In order to prove their loyalty to the Dwarves of the Shrouded Crags, the party agrees to taking the initiate test, hunting kuo-toa raiders that threaten both the Crags and the coastal cities. They depart on a submersible driven by Tordek to the underwater caves near the Dragon’s Palm. On the raid, the party learns that the Empire is backing the kuo-toa. They manage to defeat Theseus and rescue some unique prisoners; Ryuichi d’Lyrandar; his wife, Kasuga Firstlight; and his advisors, Kytala and Barraman.

Lady Kytala is learned to be a Karrnathi, previously of House Cannith. She designed the Dwarven submersibles, as well as Baldin’s gigantic flagship and its weaponry. She prophesies that Ignatius the Adamantine’s destiny is to become the Lord of Blades, an evil threat that would threaten Khorvaire’s ways of life with death.

Baldin’s flagship meets with Tordek’s smaller submersible, and they immediately begin heading back to the Shrouded Crags. They find the Crags under assault. The party fights back a mercenary betrayal performed by Hennet and Lidda, but ultimately Baldin’s flagship is destroyed, and the population of the Crags is severely wrecked. Barraman and several loyal Pridebeards go down with Baldin’s flagship.

The party is asked by Baldin to head to the mainland and deliver justice to Gondra before he realizes that the party is no longer on his side. On their way to the mainland, a fiendish gnoll delivers a message that a small army led by an ally of Reno is at the party’s disposal.

The party reaches the mainland and rides to Seryth Orodaum, helped by rebels that resent Gondra’s iron rule. Once their, they siege Gondra’s castle, which is defended by mercenaries. Leader of the devil army, the Crimson Lotus, Satsuki Redsun spurs her minotaurs and her allies to assault the party, testing their strength. Ultimately, she and the party slays all of the castle’s human defenders, and she judges the party worthy of her alliance.

The party brings Gondra to justice, leaves him alive for the justice system to punish, and Baldin and Ryu reward the party with a submersible to use for their assault on the Dragon’s Palm. Reaching the Dragon’s Palm, Satsuki Redsun asks the party to capture one of the magical forges on the island. Once captured, she casts an arcane ritual summoning many of her allies to the island, including minotaurs come to serve Katrin, the Champion of the Beast King, and the talented hextechnology artificers of the Crimson Lotus.

With technology, superior numbers, ferocity, and force, the inhabitants of the island die grisly deaths. Soon, the party infiltrates the volcano at the center of the island, kill Eidothea, the clutch guardian, and destroy all of Romulus’ eggs and young offspring. Alerted to Eidothea’s death and the destruction of his clutch, Romulus sends a warning that he would descend upon Seryth Orodaum.

The city is evacuated and the party prepares for the coming of a Red Dragon. Romulus attacks on the promised day with a hundred Empire Dragons. Romulus dies.


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