Ushiromiya no Jikan

Notes for the D&D3.5e campaign
Placeholder name: Ushiromiya no Jikan

Genre and World

Alternate history, renaissance to modern technology era with emphasis on machinepunk. Themes will be slice-of-life with a tendency to sometimes go over the top. A quirk about the game is that supernatural happenings are actually quite common, though normal people don’t believe in their existence.

World Expectations

Gritty fantasy NPC rules. Most commoners are levels 1-2, only exceptional peoples break the norm. Further, only heroes are non-NPC classes. Please understand that you’re probably better than 99% of NPCs.

Personal “Hit points” in shouldn’t be a part of your calculations in social encounters. ‘I can take about 15 crossbow bolts before I go down’ should never be uttered in a non-heroic situation. Please play with a healthy fear of crossbows.

Role > Roll. 20’s are always good, but doesn’t always mean perfect success. A 35 on your diplomacy check might look like it will do the part, but if you pick your nose as gentlemanly as possible, you’re not going to stop the war. Please use rolls to supplement your actions, and not to guide them.

Magic is not science. Using magic the same way twice may not achieve the same desired effects. Further, abusing magic is never good, no matter the source. Please wear anti-radiation suits or mecha-armor when using magic.

Character Generation

Character Creation
  • 3rd level, as DMG. Point-buy system
  • First level max hp, next levels roll or median average. (d6 is 3.5, d8 is 4.5, etc). Round down
  • Set 7th score appearance to something appropriate. If above 14, ask
  • Characters begin as ‘heroes’ and knowingly have abilities that surpass normal citizens
  • Roleplaying flaws for characters with ability scores under 10. Literacy is for pansies
  • No bonus languages at c-generation. Can gain some later for free, if needed
  • Added 12/7: Up to half your skill points may be spent cross-class without penalty
Allowed Books
  • Core (PHB, DMG, MM)
  • Complete Series
  • Expanded Psionics Handbook

Random But Relevant Notes

  • Will probably assign free skill points for useless skills. Perform: Breakdance, anyone?
  • DND4E rules for dying. The Fort save is based on level. Also, don’t freak out if I describe an enemy as bloodied. I do what I want.
  • Spell components should be consistent, but you don’t have to use guano if you don’t want to.
  • Can ready an action to lunge, take a 5-foot step and immediately attack. Can’t use this to increase your movement speed.
  • Rolling three 1’s in a row kills one of my Saturday game players. Their lives are in your hands.


Hundreds of years ago, there was established a Sarlonan kingdom known as Pyrine. After the land erupted into war, the twelve old kingdoms were united under the flag of the Inspired. Our story begins in the region of Pyrine, along its northern coast, in the large town of Saltmarsh.

The town is a week’s journey north from the bastion city of Dul Rhyan. To the north of Saltmarsh, there is the coastal city of Seaton. The Hool Marshes are to the southwest. And the mysterious reach of Dreadwood lies to the northeast.

The Rasivath villa, one of many large mansions in Saltmarsh, is unlike the others in that it is dominated by a tall stone and metal clock tower and several ancient-looking oak trees adorned with plates of polished brass. The coat of arms fixed to the top of the gate depicts an oak tree surrounded by a white cog on a field of brown. The servants perform their daily routine restlessly, the cogs and steam of the future not affecting their daily lives.

A stone building, its dome-roof covered in obsidian-black shingles, and the sides of the towering structure consisting of massive pillars is surrounded by an 8-foot-high iron-plated wall. Inside, seemingly governed by the massive slowly rotating machine that painted stars and twelve moons onto the domed roof, the foreign clerics translate their books to common tongue, and worry about days to come.

Here, in this town, the noble bloodline of Rasivath will experience a change that will threaten their way of life.

Ushiromiya no Jikan

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