War Against Siberys

Lady Stella Lightbringer meets with Rin, alone. Festuad has reserved a room for the Eladrin governor. After a ritual to protect from eavesdropping and scrying, she begins…

I know a little about Lord Eli’s draconic court. In exchange for the weapon that Dark Star had made for you, I will impart to you what knowledge I know… It all starts with the War against Siberys.

The War Against Siberys

10,000 years ago, in a place far away from here, a dragon with platinum scales emerged from the heavens of Siberys. That dragon called himself Bahamut and he led the dragons of Eberron in a war against the elves and mortals of the world.

The elves fought hard with what strength they had, but they could not overcome the 7 dragons of Bahamut. But when the dragons had nearly defeated the mortals, there was a schism in the court.

A Schism?

The two most powerful dragons in Bahamut’s Court were the aspects of Battle and Mayhem. Mayhem, seduced by Truth and Reason, fell from grace. As one fell, he took with him Truth. Soon, Battle was sated. Without Truth, Reason disappeared. Desperately, the dragon aspect Vengeance attempted to finish what Battle and Mayhem had began. But instead, Vengeance consumed what was left of the court in flames and darkness.

What Happened Next?

With the court in disarray, the elven commander, Corellon, gathered the elves, his brothers and sisters, whose names are lost to us. They fought, and they lost. Corellon lay dead, his flesh eaten by dragons, his bones crushed under their claws, his soul taken by magic.

Solonor, a son of Corellon, saw this. He sought his brother, Pontius, who had no interest in the war. Pontius, seeing that his entire race depended on him and him alone, refused. His sister, Vandria, wept; her tears could not move Pontius. His brother, Labelas, reasoned with him, but his words did not move him. And so, Solonor challenged Pontius to a contest.

The Contest

Solonor traveled to Eberron, and there he selected the world’s finest champions. From the mortals, he found the Silver Ranger, Tsutecki. From the beasts, he found the Minotaur King, Karkillian. From the darkness, he found Graz’zt, Prince of Lies.

Solonor brought them together and presented them to Pontius as his allies and his rivals. And so, rising up to the challenge, Pontius came to be known among the mortals as the Centurion. For it was said that when Pontius came to the battlefield, he was worth 100 of any of Solonor’s heroes. With the efforts of Pontius, the dragons withdrew.

Where did they go?

Defeated, the dragons withdrew to the continent of Argonnesson… Every thousand years, they would fight the elves. And every thousand years, the elves would fight them.

Over a thousand years ago, no attack came. Instead, a weakened Bahamut awakened. And with his awakening, he began rebuilding his fallen court.

The New Court

Position Old New Aspect Role
Presence Troanaxxia (Trowa) Glory Intimidator
Claw Viraul (Vae) Borkadd (Kaede) Vengeance Enforcer
Eye Talinoskurja (Kurja) Kuria Mayhem Intelligence
Fang Nerinaliah (Rin) Urgala (Gaara) Truth Strategy
Wing Sonngrad (Sora) Readiness Messenger
Tail Rixenstrasz (Raven) Marroshok (Mars) Battle Protection
Voice Vaerakasz (Kas) Reason Negotiator

...This is what I know. Some of the names and aspects may be wrong, but everything falls into place.

Rebuilding the Court

Many of his allies had died and were reborn. Those that failed Bahamut, however, have been replaced. Kuria is a special exception, in that she was not chosen because of her strength, her soul, or even the color of her scales.


Kurya was not a shadow dragon, nor was she even a gold. She was born with purple scales amongst the gems of Khyber. She sought the light of Bahamut, worshipping him like a god. And for her prayers, he chose her, whispered lies of his love and blessings, and cast her back into the darkness. Even still, she serves him like a guard drake, clinging to his every word as if it were her lifeblood.

These arm braces are made with her scales. Kurya is the Eye of Bahamut, who sees all but herself. If you remind her of what she once was, she will hesitate in dealing with you.

War Against Siberys

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