The Jaela Daran fan club is a front for an Eberron based DnD4e game. But, just to be informative,

Jaela Daran is the beautiful, wisdomous, 11-year-old Keeper of the Flame and sovereign of the country of Thrane. Even at her age, she’s undoubtedly the most important person in Thrane, and the wisest, and most influential Keeper since Thrane’s establishment as a theocracy, and perhaps the greatest ruler since Galifar. Jaela-chan is loved by Thrane’s citizens, Thrane’s Queen Diani, and thousands of others.


16 March 2011
And so they awaken another day. Once, they have died. And in that world, there was pain and suffering, but there was hope. Here, in this hell, they awaken again. But today, the voice speaks, resounding through their thoughts. It is a forbidden promise, given by a god too profane to exist. “Your soul cries out, demanding a second chance at life in the mortal plane. Seek the shrine of the twin gods of Battle and Chaos.”



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13 March 2011
Work for the new Genesis campaign has begun.

Jaela Daran Fan Club

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