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Aenaeas's Journal - Tenth Entry

I talked to Karkillian a bit more today. We ended up talking about my father. He said some weird shit about him. He said that wherever he may be, hell cannot hold him. Turns out he was implying that my dad can’t be killed. Or he may have even been killed once before and he was able to come back.

Reno started talking afterwards about some new nephilim shit. Supposedly there are some people who are nephilim godlings. Basically they’re souls that can become as strong as gods by eliminating their other versions in other realities.

My dad, is a nephilim godling.

Godamn, you badass mother fucker.

Also, since the party has been bouncing back and forth through dimensions and time and in some of those our counterparts have been killed are or dead…we may all be early versions of nephilim godlings.

After we were done chatting we rode Raven, Mars, and Trowa to Alice’s tower to kick her ass and be done with it.

When we got there there was stained glass outside. On them was a red dragon, a black dragon, and Odysseus. We went through a few different rooms that looked the same after that. halfway through the tower some messenger chick, named sora, from bahamut showed up and said Trowa and Mars needed to go on some official business. Whatever, not like we needed them anyways.

We finally catch up to Alice and she has some bullshit magical contraptions giving her buffs.

I bled all over one of them to turn it off but I got sick of it and just started to mash her face in with my spear. That much much more efficient.

When we finished fucking her up the Forrest disappeared and Kurja showed up. I was all pumped to get to kill him this time but, turns out alice’s control over him was gone. What a shame. I mean, uh, that’s…great…uh huh.

We went back to Festaud’s place and ended up interrupting some meeting. A bunch of angel faggots were trying to get her to agree to support the empire. I tried to just leap in and fuck them all up but, the party wanted to talk, AS USUAL. So I hung back, pulled out the Zephyrus, and just waited for someone to fuck up.

Well, long story short. Ignatius walked up to some angel and ripped his fucking hands off. Yuriel kept talking and told them something about Jin. I didn’t really hear what he said but, it made them back off. Bitches ran like dogs with their tails between their legs. Ignatius is fucking awesome.

We were finally able to talk to Festaud again and the bitch agreed to stop supporting the empire. Once she agreed the world got a little hazy and we got teleported forward in time. Another quest bites the dust.

I’m coming for you…Odysseus.

Aenaeas's Journal - Ninth Entry

We got some new information about the whole nephilim soul stuff today from Trowa. We also saw a few of the unvanquished in Festaud’s place. We also learned some shit about Raven and Kurja. Apparently they used to be part of Bahamut’s 13 dragons. I guess Kurja fell from grace with Bahamut because Varol tricked him into them going off on their own.

Supposedly this means that Kurja could be trying to resurrect his lover. What a dick, he tried to kill us to bring his woman back to life. Well, actually that is pretty understandable. I would do the same. But fuck him, he’s a dragon. Suck it Kurja. You used to be so cool.

Trowa and her gay lover decided to join us after we talked for a while. What ensued was fucking crazy.

We were getting our asses kicked. I mean, horribly. Like, we were for sure gonna die. Then alluva fucking sudden Justicar comes out and starts heal botting us. That fool was amazing. He was like, oh my god friggin heal bot master.

Somehow we were able to win but, it was close. Without Justicar and Trowa we would have died horrible deaths.

Wait, what the fuck is this shit? Hell naw. We were just about to start raping face when they got there so we were able to take it easy. That fight wasn’t shit. Mother fucking warmup for bitches is what it was. Hell no, we owned them. That’s right. Yeah. Yeah…

After the fight Karkillian hooked us up with one of his strongest knights. I think the chick’s name was Katarina. Whatever, as long as she kills shit.

Yuriel's Journal Entry - So Many People

I just realized today that there are a lot of people who I should probably remember a few things about, like, their name, what they do, what they're like, and how they're connected to me and the people I'm travelling with… So I think i'm definitely going to start writing this down, starting with Festaud and the people I think about in the order that i think about them:

Slutty personality, Neutral alliances.

Supposedly will fund empire in future and we're supposed to get her to promise not to do that.

I'm quite impartial about her, she's like an acquantience that I get along with.. at least I think I get along with her. who knows.

<u>Genavive – Time Mage</u>

Mostly work little play personality, Allied with us against empire.

Currently trapped in another dimension by thesius, in order to save we must get the promise from Festaud. Thesius also has Jin captive.

I like her in a plutonic way, and think she is a very capable person from whom I can learn much about magic, history, the planes, and all sorts of interesting things.


He has the personality of a Malicious Vendictive Dick. Allied with empire… possibly.


<u>Azith of Aundair</u>

he's a powerful old man.

<u>Red Knight of Rekenmark</u>

She's one of the first Bone Knights, the thing Zol(OOC: Ron) was. She was first beaten in conqueror by Rin.

Rin's younger half-sister, discovered by raven, hehehe, he kept asking everyone if she was Rin's younger sister, and kept getting HI-YENed, he survived, and I was wondering when Raven would realize it's not a good idea to keep asking.


She's awesome, Aritifier-ish Necromantic-ish Engineer Girl. Allied with one of Festaud's Lovers.

Currently she is… repairing Zol, but it'll take a long time.

She is awesome, quirky, and I would like to think of her as a friend.

Miscellaneous note: around 10.


Powerful mage, semi-apathetic personality. Allied with Unknown but has helped us.

She just helped us out with sealing Vae's excess power, she even tought me and Rin the ritual in which to dissipate and seal Vae's unstable energies.

I believe she has the potential of being an invaluable ally to us in saving Vae.


okay. well that's enough people for now, I'll write about more people in a bit.


Yuriel's Journal Entry - July 17th

Current thoughts on the situation:

Even after finding out time was of the essence, I feel that we must defeat the red alice or else the the timeline will be forever altered dramatically. From what I remember of my history of my reality, this forest should not be here at all, or at least not this big and chaotic, and I fear that if the red alice is allowed to stay, the forest itself will also stay, and with a time jump, it will grow rampantly and red alice may become too powerful and cause much death and destruction to the land. But at the same time, I feel that we must just leave immediately in order to save Genavive and my father from that dick, Thesius.

Aenaeas's Journal - Eighth Entry

Today was an interesting Day.

Kurja attacked us. That motherfucker.

He was blabbing some bullshit about awakening the nephilim soul. I guess it has something to do with awakening the powers or memories from someone’s passed life or some shit. Who knows. Sounds like the bitch flavor of the month way to get power without having to train. Or being naturally gifted like myself.

We promptly wooped his ass. He peaced out like a little bitch, even though he had his little army he had wished for. It seemed like him wishing for that army might have fucked him over with Red Alice or something. Who knows. He probably deserves it.

Shoulda known better than to trust some bitchass dragon.

We got attacked by some bears a little later. We fucked them up and their big momma bear. The momma bear tried to run but, we ran her down like a dog and beat her into submission. It wasn’t the most…honorable of wins but, fuck that. We killed a bigass momma bear.

We met up with Clover and got some new information.

Turns out that fool Justicar was guarding Genevive. Since the party beat his ass, he went on some emo guilt trip and hasn’t gone back to protect her. Because of that Thesius was able to get to Genevive and use Jin to keep her restrained.

We wanted to go save her but, Clover said we weren’t versed enough in planar travel and, probably never would be unless we found a way to become immortal…


Clover explained to us that we need to fulfill all of our missions to overthrow the empire so that Genevive won’t need to spend so much of her magic focused on us. If she loosened her focus on us she would be able to break free from Thesius on her own.

Out of those missions, there is a big one that is dear to my heart.

Bring the false Wyrmslayer to Justice…

Clover also explained some more about the nephilim soul to us. Turns out it’s a possibility that Kurja is trying to bring back Ravenstraz.

That would be bad…

Oh, and before we saw Clover it seemed like she had just had a fight with Thesius. He looked all fucked up and pissed and just ran away. I couldn’t kill him cuz I was too busy laughing at how stupid he looked. Clover even taught the “Make Thesius fall down a flight of stairs” ritual to Yuriel.

I was gonna say that my spear has a 100% chance to proc that ritual every time I leap attack but, again…I was too busy laughing at Thesius.

Aenaeas's Journal - Seventh Entry

I got to the party a little late but just in time to help everyone take out some hydra thing.

I walked in and smacked the damned thing so hard it decided to run away like the bitch it is. Bad part though…I smacked it right into Yuriel…and it decided to take Yuriel with it.

I dove after it into the sea, but it ended up smacking me back up to the shore. It tried to go even further but, I don’t think it knew how far I could jump. Now, the last time I tried to save Yuriel, I got fucked up. So before I did anything I was considering if it was a good idea. Then I remembered I wasn’t a bitch and that day was just a huge string of bad luck. With all that bad luck I could have nothing but good luck for a damned long time. And shit, that means I should be MORE aggressive. So I went after the bitch ass Hydra thing again.

I used Randalf’s bird as a spring board and was able to get to the Hydra thing. Problem was…it was a quite few feet underwater…and I couldn’t see shit. I tried to swing in it’s general direction but missed. Then it swam even further away…with Yuriel still in it’s mouth. As I swam back up for breath I could hear Yuriel trying to fight it. I didn’t really know Yuriel very well but according to the party, Yuriel could fight farely well so maybe…I don’t know…maybe one day we’ll see Yuriel again.

We continued towards the tower thing that was our original goal. We found some undead dudes in there and fucked them up. I even ended up snagging some sweet bracers that supposedly unlock some arcane potential or some shit, who knows. I put them on and felt stronger. I guess I’ll know what they do the next time I smack something in the face.

We also encountered some holy, angelic blooded, chick in the tower. I uh, don’t have a good track record with angels…so I didn’t know if I could trust the bitch. Then Kurja attacked her. Haha, awesome, someone else who doesn’t trust OR like the bitch. Rin ended up diffusing the situation quite well though. I’m not really sure what the chick is after but, hey, maybe she can get me closer to killing Odysseus with some random quest or information or super item or some shit. Who knows.

Maybe I won’t even find out if Kurja has his way. He want to kill the bitch really bad…

Whatever. Can’t say angels have been overly useful to me in the past.

Aenaeas's Journal - Sixth Entry

I wasn’t planning to write anything about the last couple days…but ever since I got Zephyrus fixed…it’s been harping on me to write what happened so I remember not to overextend myself.

Long story short, we disguised ourselves as some of Orpheus’s people. I disguised myself as Orpheus himself. Then we infiltrated their camp.

Once inside we met little resistance until one specific dude was being an arrogant prick saying that Orpheus abandoned his post and that he was in charge now. We convinced him to take us to Remus so that we could “clear this up.”

On the way there we jumped them. While we were taking them out we got jumped by some other dudes. It turned out to be a much longer fight than we had imagined. I ended up getting knocked the fuck out but, we won. I should have known at that point that it was going to be a bad day…

When we finally got to Remus it was looking pretty bad for a while. I figured we could take him though. I was mowing through everything untill…he got two lucky shots on me…

I had been practically untouched the whole fight…

Even his stupid breath didn’t hurt me with all the magical and alchemical resists we had. Then he flew up next to me…and smacked me a couple times.

I got pretty fucked up, even my spear broke…

The party was able to finish him off though. When we got back everyone pitched in for my spears repair bill. The hospital’s bill to fix me was also pretty high…but whatever. Thanks everyone.

I can still feel the damned bruises, it sucks. I don’t think I’ve ever been taken down like that. Out of no where he just dropped me…

Whatever. Must have been lucky shots. Both of them…were lucky shots…yeah…

Whatever, long story short he’s dead and I’m alive. So we win. Bitch.

When we went back to Stella it turned out that we had gone through some time skip or something when we killed Remus and ended up 10 years in the future. Our new mission is to kill some bitch who pays for a lot of the empire’s bills. Makes sense to me, cut off the purse.

Chick’s name is Festaud il’Sook. I wonder when she’ll find out that the Wyrmslayer is after her and her days are numbered. Especially since he’s pissed that the last guy he was supposed to kill got some lucky shots in. Fuckin faggot.

Aenaeas's Journal - Fifth Entry

Well, I talked to the party about what happenned when they assaulted Remus’s place…

Turns out they got fucked up. Shin died. He got smacked the fuck up. Then his arm got ripped off. Then the party withdrew and left his ass behind. Most likely he was eaten. Damn, that sucks. For someone who always talked shit to THE MOTHER FUCKING WYRMSLAYER to get killed by a MOTHER FUCKING DRAGON must mean that he couldn’t put his money where his mouth was. Sucka.

Anyways, we are going to group up and gather intel and go back in more well prepared. I’m excited, been a while since I’ve gone toe to toe with a legit dragon. Maybe I’ll keep a tooth or something when I destroy him.

Turns out Sven died a while back and Remus was impersonating him. That’s funny.

Kurja and Damascus got pretty fucked up too. I guess the consensus is to go back in using stealth.

The intel on Remus is that he uses poison and fire type attacks. He is also a brash brute. Hah, brash brute, sounds like me. Maybe we could get alone, if he wasn’t a faggoty ass dragon.

Aenaeas's Journal - Fourth Entry

Another day, another dose of more political crap to deal with…

I guess some bitch called Erinblad de Vast and his whore consort are trying to make Stella look bad. Fuckers better not get her killed or something before she pays us for our services.

Anyways, we went off to the construction site that our leads told us would be a site for a meeting of some type. On the way there we ran into a guard unit led by Corkus. They wanted us to accompany them to the construction site. As soon as I saw them…I knew they were gonna get killed. I tried to tell them it wasn’t a good idea but hey, you don’t just come out and call the town guard a group of whiny bitches, you know? Can’t just be like, “Naw man, get the fuck out of here or you scrubs are gonna get killed.” Whatever, they made their choice.

We get jumped by some empire armored elves on the way there. No surprise all the guards get killed. Super surprise though that…well…I don’t want to write down anything else.

Godamnit, fuck you Zephyrus. I don’t want to. FUCK FINE. I DON’T NEED TO REMEMEBER THIS BUT FINE, I’LL WRITE IT.

Some nigger called Orpheus was in their group. Orpheus Northstar. I was focusing on his buddies for the most part since they were hurting us pretty bad. When we finally took them out I was pretty fucked up. Then that bastard Orpheus rushed me. While the party was cleaning up…the bastard abducts me and runs off. Here I am in this nigger’s arms all fucked up, thinking I’m gonna be victim to surprise buttsecks. Not fun.

He ended up just leaving me in a trash bin and talking to me. He said he was ally to the Wyrmslayer. Fuck that shit. I’M THE GODAMNED WYRMSLAYER. I explained to him about faggy Odysseus and how I’m hunting his ass down and how he’s a lieing cunt. He says that he might end up helping us if he thinks we are on the side of good. He even gives me some egg that is similar to what has been being used to turn people into those dragon hybrids we have been fighting.

Zephyrus told me to use the egg on myself, some kinda power or some shit. Who am I to refuse such a gift? I used it and got hooked up pretty nicely, I feel a little stronger and I got some small scales on my body now but, whatever.

Anyways, we finally got to the construction site and tried to setup an ambush but, instead we just set off some trap. The trap was a huge fucking mechanical bitch. We wooped its ass and found some items in it. I think Rin and Nalar ended up taking some of the stuff. Something about some armor that belonged to his daughter and a sword. Who knows about Nalar though, that guy gives me a weird vibe. I catch him looking at me funny sometimes. Maybe he’s gay.

We reported back to Stella and she told us she got owned at some meeting she went to. Erinblad’s people are going to be roaming the streets now. Erinblad the Vast? More like Erinblad the Vast Douchebag.

While we were talking to Stella I saw that fishy ass cat again. I think it figured out that I was on to it so it ran off. I was like, fuuuuuuck that bitch. I kill dragons, a fucking little cat isn’t gonna outsmart me! So i chased it!

We ended up cornering it in some alley. Figures though we would find someone else holding the damned cat. It just had to be the daughter of that bitch Raven killed a while back. Raven wasn’t with us at the time though, prolly chillin with some hot bitches. So anyways, I told the chick Raven was my homie and that I wasn’t gonna let her kill him. I don’t know what came over me but…instead of just beating the shit outa her I told her I’d give her a free shot on me.

She didn’t like that very much. Whatever. If she wants a shot at the champ, fine. Be my guest. Just don’t get angry when the champ gives you a taste of his signature moves. So she challenged me to a duel. She got owned. End of story.

Rin Journal 05

While on our way to the dealing that was supposed to go on at the construction site, we met up with a town guard unit. These guys were the best and last unit, led by Corkus, with Pippin as his vice-captain. We decided to stick with them for a while, because being the last town guard unit in a series of attacks against town guard units does not sound at all fun.

Not surprisingly, we were attacked. Surprisingly, they were a Valaes Tairn unit rather than more Bloody Knives posing as River Rats. More Surprisingly, Orpheus Northstar was leading them, declaring that he serves the Wyrmslayer. His presence here might mean that Psyche is also in the area, but that’s just a guess.

Despite our efforts (and a well-placed カート レヴォリューション), the last guard unit was wiped out. I’m sure things would’ve turned out differently if their commander was there…

While the party was occupied with the other troops, Orpheus ran off, carrying Aenaeas. We were concerned for a moment, but after we manage to catch up to them, it looks like Orpheus has begun to think a little more about who it is he’s sworn to serve. He also gave Aenaeas a mercury egg, which are apparently used to mutate those people into dragonoid creatures. That damn Theseus.

When we got to the construction site, it didn’t seem like anyone was there. When the huge construction golem activated, we were quite certain that this was a trap. When it declared its target priorities out loud, it happened to call out those of us who had something stolen in the past few days. Sure enough, Raven’s hunting knife was affixed on top of it. The rest of our stuff was likely inside its core.

Aenaeas leap attacked onto the golem and returned Raven’s knife to him, thus removing Raven from its priority list. Randalf took advantage of its single-minded combat script and dealt massive amounts of damage with his storm pillars. Since I was on its priority list, I kept Randalf out of range of its non-directional lasers. When I tried to climb into the golem to tamper with its core, however, it knocked me off and took me out for the rest of the fight.

After we got our items back, we noticed some magic power remaining in the golem’s core. After some discussion, we decided to use the core’s power on my scimitar and Viktoria’s armor scraps. The armor was completely repaired, and both items became stronger than they were previously.

Naral must have a lot going through his mind right now. He offered me his daughter’s armor, and that’s a great honor to me. I’ll be sure to get this armor back to their ancestral grounds.

When we reported back to Stella, she still wasn’t convinced that we had concrete enough proof about the attacks. The cat that we thought was strange before actually bolted out of the manor. Clearly, this cat is a spy. After a bit of chasing, we end up in River Rat territory, and run into a girl named Inira Montoy. Raven killed her father. This has potential to not end well.


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