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Bardan's wandering thoughts2

Entry 3… I think

Yo ho yo ho and another ale Bardan drinks. Life is tediously boring at the moment stuck in this old town full of cultists trying to blend in. The trip up here was interesting though. Boat ride upstream pulled by fish which reminds me… I hope that dwarf didnt notice one missing. Made a fine meal that fish did HAHA At any rate what happens as soon as we set foot on land again? DAmn cockery cultist attacking some village. We took care of them and their booger color haired warlock friend. The new party member… a drow is a strange fellow. Always throwing shrouds or some shit. Forgot his name already as I’m bad with names anyways. Im sure it’ll eventually stick in my mind… maybe when Im sober. Well after that we got attacked by some teleporting wench at night. Damnit! I had a pretty good buzz at the moment too. Talk about a buzz kill. We managed to take her down once someone thought of grabing her cloak off her taking away her teleportation powers. I personally would have found a way to take a few more items of clothing off of her though. Found the grave site we were looking for but no darn sword or body for that matter. I would put gold on we shall run into both later on at some point and it wont be pretty. Which brings me to where I am now. Apparently closer to this pillars of something or other where the bad guys we are after reside. There better be treasure or there shall be some more penis slapping. Damn cult of cockery!


He noticed. He was pissed.

Bardan's wandering thoughts2
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