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Blackcap II - Brin

Aryth 17
We’re currently on a boat headed upriver toward the Pillars of Night, heart of the cultist operation. We recruited an odd-looking Drow who calls himself Dredge. It’s nice to have another party member with a shadow affinity, even though he’s got amnesia. Bardan’s been trying to sing to the fishes pulling our boat to get them to go faster, but I don’t think those fish can be inspired to do much more than they already do.

Aryth 21
We’ve disembarked from the boat and set up camp by the riverside. We discovered a village under attack by cultists and saved the villagers, though their houses had been ruined in the fires that the cultists set. I managed to get myself into a couple of bad spots, but it worked out in the end. One of the enemies claimed a shadow affinity when he engaged Dredge, but he forgot that one element alone won’t save you from everything.

(Entry 2)
We were attacked at night again. This time by Dajani, from Frena’s lost party. It seems she was very close to Yuriel once, but in her madness tried to kill him. She was an ephemeral presence when she attacked; striking from range with a poisoned blade, and then vanishing. I spent much of that battle assisting anyone who had been hit by that poison, as it was too potent to ignore. Ignatius removed the cloak that she wore, which granted her that teleportation. Her mobility gone, she was brought down not too long afterward, though not without nearly slaying Yuriel. I prayed for my patrons to aid him, and in doing so, I felt a sharp pain in my leg as Yuriel’s was struck.

Before her death, Dajani tells us that Frena killed Piacolum, and that he and the other two Dol Arrah clerics are buried nearby. As it turns out, Piacolum is Voluntas’s father. It must be hard on him, having both his parents caught up in this mess. We discover the graves of the two clerics, their halberds stuck into the ground as grave markers. But where Piacolum was buried, we find a freshly-made hole, and upturned earth where his weapon would have been. It appears as though Piacolum revived underground and manually emerged from his grave, but we didn’t find any evidence of necromancy. We found a blue dragon scale in the area. I hope it’s unrelated to this mission.

Aryth 24
We’re now very close to the Pillars of Night. We’ve taken a vacant house in an ancient Dhakaani city, now populated by what appear to be cultist commoners. The Dryad that lives in the tree in front of our house is rather courteous. She gave us a basket of apples and cough medicine. It looks like we’ll have to earn the favor of Frena herself before we’ll be able to enter the site of the Pillars.


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