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Prime Log 1

Riverside Combat

First Tower had major contact after coming ashore and establishing camp. This time it was not an illusion, but reality. A woman from Frena Firstlight’s team, Dajani ambushed our group with madness induced fervor. Utilizing cloaking gear and teleportation, she managed to grievously wound Yuriel, whom she has a connection to. Her peculiar blade, appearing to made of flowing light yet pulsed with the unearthly green common to the Heretical Ones and having a spiked attached to a chain connected to the sword itself, posed a venomous threat to the less fortified squad members. However, we caught on to her techniques and illuminated her to the error of her ways.

Deep Strike

Infiltration of the mountain fortress is under way. We have requisitioned a dryad’s house to use as a patrol base. Learning the way of the heretics is a faith shuddering tactic, but the ability to adapt is one of the greatest feats one can have. We have experienced the heretics’ military training, faith and some of their relevant history. Their combat training has been continually ramping up due to Frena herself taking command of the sect. Into the Belly of the Beast we go.


TrinityLancer Geist13

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