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The Pillars - Brin

Vult 4
We’ve made it back to Adakmi. The cult of The Mockery has been scattered and the Blade of St. Gavus has been secured. Voluntas’s mother lost her life, but I believe she earned a shot at redemption. The new recruit also fell in battle against the demon called Narash. It’s a shame the shadows didn’t embrace him more strongly. At least I get to borrow Maria’s pillow until we get back to Sharn…

My patron spirit speaks to me more clearly now, through the Saint’s sword. Though our entire mission was for the sake of retrieving this sword for our benefactor, I think it’s too important to my patron spirit to let it go. Fortunately, First-Tower has also suggested that we try to negotiate keeping the sword. I hope that goes well, but I’ll have to wait a few weeks to see.


TrinityLancer kasm0t

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