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First Entry

My name is Voluntas Atrum D’Phiarlan. This is my story.

I learned valuable information from my mother’s crystal memory shard. My mother was sent to cleanse some cultists. My father was sent on an unknown mission by someone called “Juliette”. They ended up in the same area being attacked by over 30 cultists. My mother escaped with her life only because my father sacrificed himself for her. I asked her if my father was a good man and she told me, “You were born out of love.” This is definitely not what I was expecting. I need to find this Juliette and figure out more about what my father was doing there.

Another battle was won today. A barbarian helped me in flanking the enemy while our allies held the front line like champs. Ignatius did an amazing job at holding down one of the enemy champions. That Dragon would have surely done us in if it were not for Ignatius.

The Barbarian demolished an ogre in what looked like 2 swings of his weapon, only to be stabbed in the back by some guy with a very unorthodox method of charging and a large spear. It reminded me of the stories I had read about Lord Southstar. I tried to save him but, I failed. Yet more blood on my hands. Yuriel and Crowe were able to do a good enough job of taking out the man with the spear. I was surprised at how well they dispatched him. I took his helmet for myself, he has no use for it now anyway.

Half of the enemies tried their hand at delivering me to my mother and father. Their death warrants were signed when they raised their weapons against me…yet more blood on my hands. They can never be cleansed of it now. Did your hands feel this dirty father?

Brin impresses me with her skills. I see enemies fall left and right and only see Brin waving her hand 20 feet back. I would not enjoy fighting her, I’m glad we are on the same side.

My father’s sword took another soul today. How much longer will my father save my life through his sword? Or is it really my own skills saving me…? My mother’s training? My father’s sword? My own strength? Are you watching me father?

Turns out this “Juliette” that employed my father was much closer than I thought. Turns out Juliette is also a man, odd name for a man. Kenta says he didn’t know he employed my father. He seemed to be telling the truth but, somehow I can’t believe that he doesn’t know more than he is telling me. Only time will tell.


If it makes you feel any better, your “mother” has gone missing from the Phiarlan enclave in Sharn, when the party returns there.

First Entry
TrinityLancer Aenaeas

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