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Yuriel's Journal Entry - So Many People

I just realized today that there are a lot of people who I should probably remember a few things about, like, their name, what they do, what they're like, and how they're connected to me and the people I'm travelling with… So I think i'm definitely going to start writing this down, starting with Festaud and the people I think about in the order that i think about them:

Slutty personality, Neutral alliances.

Supposedly will fund empire in future and we're supposed to get her to promise not to do that.

I'm quite impartial about her, she's like an acquantience that I get along with.. at least I think I get along with her. who knows.

<u>Genavive – Time Mage</u>

Mostly work little play personality, Allied with us against empire.

Currently trapped in another dimension by thesius, in order to save we must get the promise from Festaud. Thesius also has Jin captive.

I like her in a plutonic way, and think she is a very capable person from whom I can learn much about magic, history, the planes, and all sorts of interesting things.


He has the personality of a Malicious Vendictive Dick. Allied with empire… possibly.


<u>Azith of Aundair</u>

he's a powerful old man.

<u>Red Knight of Rekenmark</u>

She's one of the first Bone Knights, the thing Zol(OOC: Ron) was. She was first beaten in conqueror by Rin.

Rin's younger half-sister, discovered by raven, hehehe, he kept asking everyone if she was Rin's younger sister, and kept getting HI-YENed, he survived, and I was wondering when Raven would realize it's not a good idea to keep asking.


She's awesome, Aritifier-ish Necromantic-ish Engineer Girl. Allied with one of Festaud's Lovers.

Currently she is… repairing Zol, but it'll take a long time.

She is awesome, quirky, and I would like to think of her as a friend.

Miscellaneous note: around 10.


Powerful mage, semi-apathetic personality. Allied with Unknown but has helped us.

She just helped us out with sealing Vae's excess power, she even tought me and Rin the ritual in which to dissipate and seal Vae's unstable energies.

I believe she has the potential of being an invaluable ally to us in saving Vae.


okay. well that's enough people for now, I'll write about more people in a bit.



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