Gunhild Viktoria


Armor Disadvantage
No matter what armor Gunhild is wearing, she cannot utilize its magical power.

Upon suffering a critical hit from a melee attack, Gunhild can choose as a free action to pull that target adjacent to her and grab it, without an attack roll. She may also elect to drop her weapon or to mark the target as free actions.

Garrote Specialization
Gunhild’s hands count as a garrote. Garrotes deal 1d4 damage with a +3 proficiency bonus and have the High Crit property. Creatures grabbed by both hands suffer a -2 penalty to escape. If grabbed in this manner, Gunhild has combat advantage against the creature. Also, Gunhild may Sneak Attack as a rogue equal to her level, with this attack.


Gunhild Viktoria of Clan Belthurak, sister-clan to Kundarak. She is daughter of Nalar of Therduum and Lydia Pridebeard. Her sisters are Alma, a powerful seer, and Ingrid, a respected cleric.

The Belthurak clan was known for its secrets of The Way, a lesser known magic in Eberron, which they obtained by the capture of certain fey creatures known colloquially as psychic vampires. Further, the extraction process caused excruciating pain to the fey subjects, gaining the ire of the Trust, a powerful and pervasive group from Zilargo. In order to protect his family, Nalar was blackmailed into their quests.

Gunhild Viktoria, was killed by an act of random violence and brutality, orchestrated by the dragon, Theseus. Her vengeful ghost followed her father, Nalar. But over time, her spirit was corrupted by the Shadowfell. In a moment that Nalar was close to death, Gunhild Viktoria forcefully tore Nalar’s soul from his body and strangled his incorporeal form to death.

Gunhild Viktoria

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