As a standard action, ignite any unattended combustible object that is adjacent to you in your field of vision.

Fire Elemental
You resist 10 fire but are vulnerable 10 cold. Also, your origin is Fire, and you understand Primordial.

Fiery Shield
Property: This aura is only active as long as no allies are adjacent to you.
Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to all defenses against enemies under your Warlock’s Curse. Also, enemies that move adjacent to you count as afflicted by your Warlock Curse.
Special: You may choose to have this aura up all the time, but allies that start their turn adjacent to you take damage equal to your curse damage.

Senses: Telepathy and Lifesight
You can speak telepathically as a magical ability, with the range of a normal human voice. You are able to see and hear as a normal creature, as long as a living creature is in your presence. Your range of vision is equal to that creature’s, with the origin square being yourself. These senses make you immune to nonmagical effects based solely on vision and hearing.


He that wielded the Hellrazor. The aberrant marked human that lived with the codename Hellraiser had the uncanny ability to turn his immediate surroundings into a living hell. From his body pulsated an extreme heat that could physically melt stone. From his will he could melt a man’s thoughts, forcing them to suffer undeniable heat and pain, without harming their physical form. He was slain during the Tarkanan War, his soul eventually merging with his signature weapon.

In hell, he and his friend Ravus were noble lord in the nation of Tyr. For hundreds of years, he was the proprietor of a gladiatorial arena dubbed The Hellion. Recently, he was usurped by Lord Marius and a number of other noble lords and forced to fight in his own gladiatorial games.


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