Novakri (deceased)


Blood of Khyber
The blood of Khyber courses through your veins. A creature that drinks your blood, fresh, gains 10 temporary hit points that lasts until the end of your next encounter. Drawing your blood takes a healing surge, as a creature is afflicted by bloodlust and must resist chewing on Novakri’s flesh. If a creature does not resist, Novakri takes additional damage.

Ooze Body
Novakri is a creature of Abberant nature. She may collapse his form in order to fit through spaces as a creature two sizes smaller (housecat). Her bones take on the consistency of hard rubber and can be shifted and moved out of place without injury. Further, under great stress, Novakri’s body loses a bit of consistency, giving an outward appearance of melting skin, with flesh, blood, and exposed bone underneath. Also, she can hide objects inside her body.

Tear-away Flesh
Novakri can end a grab or any negative effect that a save can end with a move action. However, this melts a large amount of her outer skin, giving her a horrifying visage and vulnerable 5 to all damage until the start of her next turn.

Gender Inconsistency Disadvantage
Novakri’s appearance is overly androgynous.

A large bulge is clearly visible in Novakri’s crotch area.

Earth Shield
Immediate interrupt. Trigger: When you or an ally within 5 squares are attacked. Effect: +4 to AC and Reflex against the attack. Counts as an Encounter (Healing Surge) item power.

Break Through Walls
Ritual. Costs a healing surge to make an Athletics check. Can do once per scene or within 10 minutes. Make a check with a 5 bonus in place of a Thievery check to open a lock or closure. To undo bolts or bars you normally couldn’t reach, you must succeed on a DC20(1/2 level) check. If you use this ability successfully against a portal protected by Arcane Lock, you destroy the Arcane Lock and its effects end, as well as taking half damage from all sources until the end of your next turn.


A kalashtar woman of the Vakri family, once celebrated as a cleric of the Path of Light. In her war against the Dreaming Dark, she strayed from the Light and was reborn after suffering mortal wounds, the blood of Khyber flowing through her veins. The power, however, was not enough, and in her second death, she was sent to the deepest parts of hell.

She was killed [session Oct23] by the Faceless Priest. Surrounded, she summoned her Earth-training to envelop the Priest’s minions in a razor cloud of stone shards and rust. However, she was overwhelmed and destroyed by their relentless dragon attacks.

Novakri (deceased)

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