Proto Bass


Flesh Tumors
Hell is transforming your body and has cursed you with flesh. Growing within this pitiful creature’s panels are highly poisonous flesh tumors, resembling humanoid organs. If not removed regularly, they eat away at your materials. Removing them is excruciatingly painful and the tumors grow back within days.

Rejected by the gods
As an immediate action daily power, all effects on you end immediately and you become immune to all effects, including damage and death. This effect ends at the end of your next turn. With this effect in play, no weapon or spell can touch you, bending around your body as if you cannot exist. You are protected even from logic itself.

Defiling Magic
Protobass has access to Athasian defiling magic. Withered plant life does not turn to sand, but instead, lifeless black ash. However, using defiling magic rejuvenates and rapidly accelerates the growth of the flesh tumors.

Pie Creation
With enough creativity, Proto Bass can gather enough ingredients to make a pie. Using this ability with his flesh tumors, he has the option of cooking them to be nonfatal upon consumption. The taste of the pie is dictated by an Arcana check.

Genesis: Tomodachi o kioku to omoimasu (Genesis: Memory of a Friend)
Beneath Proto Bass’s new found hellish countenance is something vaguely familiar…

Nightmare Factory
…You’ll see.


The original bearer of the Holy Pies of Thrane, laid to rest after gloriously campaigning with General Crucis… or so he thought. Awakening in some kind of hell, Proto Bass finds himself not only uglier but without…


The People of Thrane’s pie. Proto Bass searched frantically in his metal chassis for the Holy Pie entrusted to him by one of The Silver Double Dragons finding only….

THESE FREAKING HURT!” roared ProtoBass. They seemed to excrete a highly caustic purple fluid, which began eating through his metal panels. Tearing them off without thinking caused even more brutal pain to shoot through his body. “WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU-”

Several excruciating hours later, Proto Bass managed to get the initial tumor-like growths out of his body.
In the pain-induced madness that followed, one thing ran through Proto Bass’s mind and is now driving him towards an unknown fate…
The people need…


Proto Bass

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