Rhon Brannigan


Splintered Personality Disadvantage
Rhon Brannigan’s has been severely traumatized by his death. A new personality awakens under set circumstances.

Helm of Fearlessness (L5; 1000GP)
While wearing the helmet, you may immediately make a saving throw to negate the effects of a charm, fear, or illusion effect (but not the damage). Also, as a minor action, once per encounter, you learn a target’s current and maximum hit points.

Through the helmet’s visor is a hole where an arrow seems to have pierced through the left eye. However, Rhon can see through the visor clearly. This helm is cursed and, if fixed, broken, or lost, will reappear in Rhon’s possession in its original condition.

Bone of my Sword
Rhon can create personal one and two handed melee war weaponry at will, as a minor action. He can create more powerful weapons by adding his life force to the blade. However, the weapons are materialized embedded in his body and must be removed, dealing damage equal to his level. Weapons created in this manner are of a magic item threshold one enhancement level higher than Rhon generally wields. Rhon cannot be knocked unconscious by damage from this power and remains standing until he takes additional damage.

Can create a pillar that may count as blocking terrain, once per encounter. The pillar deals 1d12 damage and gives proficient wielders a +2 bonus.

Weapon Break
When Rhon rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll with a melee weapon, he can choose to re-roll the attack. After that attack is resolved, the weapon breaks. The next weapon that Rhon wields must be created using Bone of my Sword.

Masochistic Disadvantage
Under stress, Rhon mutilates his body. While influenced by his helmet, the mutilation is artistic, intricate carvings of magical circles and lines of text in a long forgotten language.

Memory of a Thousand Women
When recounting the memory of a previous woman, Brannigan’s bonus die is improved by one stage (1d8 from 1d6).


A Charismatic captain in the Brelish adventuring guild, the Grey Company. Rhon was selected as a leading captain in the Warwood Campaign, a foray into the forests of eastern Valenar. He was slain by the arrows of an Eryvael chieftain.

His personality changes completely if he wears a particular helmet.

He is a student of the Unlimited Blade Works style, the same weapon magic exhibited by Pit-Fighter and Romulus.

Rhon Brannigan

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