Tag: Droaam Court


  • Joker

    Claesi "Joker" Dante is a Tiefling, a transfer from Deathsgate Squad. Like most Deathsgate members, she is known for her cruelty and deadly efficiency. She fights with short weapons, notably katars. She also uses her claws, horns, and teeth in battle.

  • Genloneras

    Genloneras, the fallen prince... Blood son of the Beast King, the Blind Prophet King, Karkillian. As a child, captured by Dhakaani goblins and made to fight as a gladiator in Darguun. Able to buy his freedom, he eventually found work as a mercenary in the …

  • Corinne

    Corinne was born in servitude to the Amberguard family, a once wealthy and continually declining noble line. Luckily, her mistress was a naturally sweet and quiet noblewoman named Rie. Rie is also a static NPC with no character development, who is …

  • Satsuki Redsun

    * Leader of the Crimson Lotus, a mercenary group comprised of Tieflings claiming heritage from the ancient civilzation of Bael'Turath. * Satsuki has murdered her superior, a six-fingered demon known only by the name "Reno" and assumed his role. She is …