Allied Units

An allied unit is attached to a PC, usually of similar type.

  • Defenses: The allied unit’s defenses equal yours, not including any temporary bonuses or penalties to your statistics.
  • Hit Points: The allied unit’s maximum hit points equal your healing surge value. When your allied unit drops to 0 hit points, you may keep sacrifice hit points equal to your healing surge value to refill her hit points equal to the amount sacrificed. You may not do this if the damage would knock you unconscious.
  • Defeat: If your allied unit is defeated, she immediately takes a turn, attempting to withdraw from the battle. If she is damaged at any time during this turn, she falls unconscious. During a short rest, your ally can spend a healing surge to recover hit points equal to your healing surge value. Otherwise, they will attempt to stay out of the next battle.
  • 1 Healing Surge: The allied unit starts with at least 1 healing surge, as a normal NPC. Any PC can give them healing surges to refill their hit points during a short rest. An allied units healing surge value is equal to your own. If a power allows your ally to spend a healing surge, you may spend a healing surge for her, allowing her the benefit of the power.
  • Trained Skills: The allied unit gives a +2 assist bonus for checks they are trained in.

Controlling Allied Units

  • Attack (Standard Action): Your allied unit makes a melee basic attack against an enemy of your choice. Her attack values are equal to yours, though her [W] roll may be different. If your allied unit uses implements for attacks, do not add proficiency bonus to attack rolls.
  • Movement (Move Action): When you take a move action, your allied unit also does. The move actions need not be the same. Allies have their own movement speeds.
  • Opportunity Attack (Opportunity Action): An allied unit makes their own opportunity actions, like a normal creature.
  • Second Wind (Standard Action): When you use your second wind, your ally receives the benefit, as well.
  • Sheathe/Draw (Minor Action): You may also sheathe or draw with this action.
  • Other Action: For any other action, you spend the required action and your ally completes it. For example, picking up an object requires a minor action, so you spend a minor action for an ally to pick up an axe from a fallen enemy.
  • Independent Actions: If you fall in battle, you control your allied unit.
  • Dailies: Ally unit dailies count as item dailies

Special Rules

  • Damage: Allied unit damage is based on your own damage and feats. Treat allied units as having the same feats, if weapon group applies. The only calculation difference is the allied unit’s weapon, should you order it to make its own attack.
  • Wealth and Experience: As far as gameplay is concerned, allied units do not receive cuts from loot and experience, like normal NPCs. Assume that allied units get a fair cut, already included in treasure and encounter tables.
  • Concordance: Some allied units gain powers and abilities through concordance, notably team attacks. Being defeated has no effect on concordance.
  • Special Units: More powerful units can be fielded after sacrificing a number of healing surges, taken from willing party members. These healing surges go to the unit’s healing surge pool, or increases their maximum hit points.

Skeleton Classes

Here is the basic skeleton of ally classes and effects. Individual allies will have more effects based on their role. Skeleton class names are based on their base granted benefit.

  • Flanker (Class C) Attack and damage bonuses when adjacent to enemies
  • Guardian (Class C) Armor class increase
  • Shooter (Class C) Ranged damage increase
  • Captain (Class B) Defense increase
  • Powerhouse (Class B) Capable of knockback and prone
  • Thorn (Class B) Damage aura
  • Healer (Class A) Healing and defensive buffs
  • Punisher (Class A) Damage bonuses when dealing with enemies with status effects
  • Afflictor (Class S) Status effect inducing capabilities
  • Caster (Class S) Burst and blast damage increase

Rank C

Add +1d6 to damage when attacking adjacent enemies with combat advantage
+1 to attack rolls against enemies adjacent to Flanker
+1 AC to allies adjacent to Guardian
While adjacent, may treat Guardian location as own for any passive or designating 
  effects (marking and offensive)
Defend (Standard Action): You and your ally both go on total defense. If you are
  adjacent to each other, the bonus to defenses is +3 rather than +2.
Precision Target (Minor Action): Works exactly like Hunter's Quarry. Both the Shooter
  and the ally's attacks do increased damage. 
Add 1 die to precision based damage. Does not work in conjunction with Precision Target. 
May treat allied unit location as own for any passive or designating effects (offensive only)

Rank B

+1 to fort, ref, and will defenses to adjacent allies
May treat allied unit location as own for designating effects (marking only)
Iron Heart Surge (Minor; Encounter): Close burst 3. One ally within burst 
  immediately makes a saving throw with a +2 bonus as a free action.
Add +1[W] when attacking adjacent enemies
Sacrifice 1[W] in damage to knock target prone or push 1 square
Enemies entering adjacent squares take 2 damage
Add +1d6 to damage when attacking adjacent enemies
Whirlwind (Standard Action): You must be adjacent to your ally. Close burst 1 around you and the Thorn; 
enemy only, weapon vs AC, for 1[W], no modifier, damage.

Rank A

Add +1[W] to damage when attacking adjacent enemies
Add +1[W] to damage when afflicting target with a status effect

Rank S


Sample Typical Allies

Jean of Sharn, Human Female [Flanker] (Attached to Berserker)
Add +1d6 to damage when attacking adjacent enemies with combat advantage
+1 to attack rolls against enemies adjacent to Jean
Melee Longsword. Str. vs AC. 1d8+Str+1. (Versatile)
Ranged Shortbow. Dex. vs AC. 1d6+Dex. 
Trained in Athletics; Mvspd 6; Speaks Common
Yorelius Furtrapper, Half-Elven Male [Shooter] (Attached to Ranger)
Add 1 damage die to Hunter's Quarry damage
May treat Yole's location as own for Prime Shot and Hunter's Mark
Ranged Longbow. Dex vs AC. 1d10+Dex. 
Melee Shortsword. Str vs AC. 1d6+Str. 
Trained in Perception; Mvspd 6; Speaks Common, Elven

Sample Hero Allies

Izaru, Eladrin Female Holy Mage [Shooter] (Attached to WIS Cleric; Heroic Tier)
Add 1 die to precision based damage [ineffective. Izaru instead gives the Cleric Marked for Purge]
May treat allied unit location as own for any passive or designating effects 
  (offensive only)
Gain the Prime Shot and Marked for Purge (identical to Warlock Curse) ability
May treat ally's square as origin for Class Feature Encounter Powers and At-Will 
  Powers [Needs a level of concordance]
Silver Spike (Standard; At-Will) R10. Wis. vs Reflex. 1d10 + Wisdom modifier damage. 
Basic Melee. Wis. vs Fortitude. 1d10 + Wisdom modifier damage. 
Silver Smash (No action; Recharge 5,6) Your basic melee attack also knocks the 
  target prone. 
Silver Wall Smash Kick (Standard; Encounter) Melee. Wis. vs Fortitude. 
  3d8 + Wisdom modifier damage, knockback 5 squares. If target is pushed adjacent 
  to an obstacle or wall, target is dazed and prone (save ends). 
Trained skills: Arcana, Religion
Movespeed: 6 sq
Languages: Elven, Common
Shin Asakura, Red Dragonblood Male Dragon Samurai [Thorn] (Attached to DEX Rogue; Heroic Tier)
Enemies entering adjacent squares take 2 damage
Add +1d6 to damage when attacking adjacent enemies
Allied unit's armor class is 2 higher
Whirlwind (Standard Action): You must be adjacent to your ally. You and your ally 
  both do close burst 1 attacks, enemy only, weapon vs AC, for 1[W], no modifier, 
  damage. [Needs a level of concordance]
Basic Melee. Dex. vs AC. 1d6 + Dex modifier damage. 
Double Attack (Standard; At-Will) Dex. vs AC; 2 attacks. 1d6 + Dex modifier damage. 
Fire Pillar (Standard; Encounter) Blast 3 or area 1 within 5 (all). Dex vs. Reflex.
  3d8 + Dex modifier fire damage. 
This is the most damage I have ever done. (Immediate interrupt; Daily) One of Shin's
  or an adjacent ally's daily or encounter attack power may critically hit on a roll
  of 19. [Needs a high level of concordance]
Trained Skills: Any check involving fire
Movespeed: 5 sq [is wearing plate armor]
Languages: Common, Draconic
Sior, Wind Genasi Male Windwalker [Guardian] (Attached to STR Fighter; Paragon Tier)
+1 AC to allies adjacent to Sior
While adjacent, may treat Sior location as own for any passive or designating 
  effects (marking and offensive) [Applies to fighter mark]
Ally gains Fighter Combat Superiority and Combat Challenge [Needs a level of concordance]
(Note: Sior's attacks have the weapon keyword, even though no attacks are against AC)
Basic Melee. Reach 2. Str. vs Reflex. 1d8 + Strength modifier damage. 
Winds of Conflict (Move; At-Will) Ranged 10. Str. vs Reflex. Target is pulled 5 squares. 
Battering Wind. (Move; Recharge 5,6) Personal or ally. Attacks this turn also push 5 squares. 
Vision Spin (Minor; Encounter) Ranged 5. Str. vs Will. Target is dazed. 
Razor Winds (Standard; Daily_Stance) Effect: Sior and his ally gain damage aura 1 and
  immunity to all its effects for 1 turn. If an enemy enters a square or starts its 
  turn in one, it takes 5 damage. This area is difficult terrain and requires 3 
  additional squares of movement to enter. Ranged attacks suffer a total concealment 
  penalty against Sior and his ally. Sustain: Minor [Needs a high level of concordance]
Trained Skills: Acrobatics
Movespeed: 6 sq, 8 Fly (Hover)
Languages: Common, Abyssal, Draconic, Elven, Sign Language (Note: Sior is mute)
Ravel, Raven Shifter Swordsman [Flanker] (Attached to CHA Sorceror; Paragon Tier)
Add +1d8 to damage when attacking with combat advantage
Add +1 damage die if using an at-will while adjacent
+1 to attack rolls against adjacent enemies
+3 bonus instead of +2 when flanking (total of +4)
Ravel has Resist 5 to all elemental damage
Ravel has a bonus damage modifier equal to his attached unit's
[Note: Ravel's attacks have the weapon keyword, so +3 is added]
Basic longsword. Cha +2 vs. AC. 1d8 + Cha modifier. 
Kuhazan (Standard; Recharge 3,4,5,6) Ranged 20. Cha + 2 vs. Reflex. 1d8 + Cha modifier. 
Fireball (Standard; Encounter) Area 1 within 10. Cha + 2 vs Reflex. 
  Does 1d6 damage multiplied by your level. On a miss, does half damage. 
Stoneskin (Minor; Daily) Melee touch. Target and self gain resist 10 weapon attacks (save ends). 
Shadow Jaunt (Move; Recharge 5,6) Teleport you and one adjacent ally up to your speed, 
  and gain total concealment until you move. Does not work in bright sunlight. 
Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Diplomacy
Movespeed: 6 sq, 1 float, 1 Earthwalk
Languages: Common

Allied Units

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