TDH Prelude Session

A little bit of background is written here, as much for me, as for you guys.


Vital Statistics

Brin of the Chi’vax tribe
Female Shifter (Cliffwalk)
Str 10, Con 13, Dex 10, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 18, Luck 13
Birthplace: Q’barra
Hair Purple; Eyes Yellow; Ht 4’10”; Wgt 100
Power source: Shadow magic, Arcane and Draconic

Male Daeva
Str 15, Con 15, Dex 9, Int 10, Wis 20, Cha 15, App 14
Birthplace: Hycael Village, Breland
Hair L. Blue; Eyes Blue; Ht 6’7”; Wgt 225
power source: Angel Soul, Divine
Notes: is a bit clumsy, natural-born inquisitive

Sir Ignatius Marcus
Str 15, Con 16, Dex 10, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 16, App 12
Birthplace Sharn, Breland
Hair None; Eyes Red; Ht 6’5”; Wgt 340
Power source: Optimus Prime and Artificer Technology, Arcane and Divine
Notes: Can’t read. Mental age 50

Male Kalashtar
Str 16, Con 10, Dex 10, Int 8, Wis 18, Cha 16, Sexy 16
Residence Sharn, Breland
AS OF 1012/10 Hair Red; Eyes Black; Ht 6’0”; Wgt 151
PREVIOUSLY Hair Silver; Eyes Brown; Ht 5’10”; Wgt 185
Power source: Path of Light, Divine
Notes: Can’t read

Male Eladrin
Str 13, Con 10, Dex 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 18, App 16
Residence Sharn, Breland
Hair Black; Eyes Grey; Ht 5’8”; Wgt 180; Build Lean
Power source: Arcane
Notes: True age 45, apparent 18

Male Daeva (Sky)
Str 12, Con 14, Dex 9, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 14, App 15
Loc. __
Hair; Eyes; Ht 5’5”; Wgt 148
Power Source: Vestige pact, Arcane
Notes: Hurt hand when younger

Random Background Bits


Kosius of Rekkenmark is her advisor, and the leader of the Grey Company expedition into Q’barra about a year ago. He and Doria Veledaar of House Tharashk forged an alliance with the Chi’vax tribe and raided a cave teeming with cultists of the Fury. From them, Kosius recovered an item called the Backbiter Great Lance. Afterwards, the Chi’vax elder allowed about 9 recruits to join the Grey Company.

Your two best friends, Disatot, the awkward blade-fighter, and Mao, the frequently ignored armblade girl, joined with you, as well as Caysab, Siakoy, and Bekushi.

Also, the pride of the Chi’vax joined, the white-silver haired triplet sisters. About Brin’s age, all three are proficient with greatspears, and move as if with one mind. Their names are Aora, Teora, and Syaora. They stay to themselves and talk very little, but have become very popular in the Grey Company.


Recruited by Kenta Darkmoon, after the Grey Company helped the village of Hycael through a food shortage. 5 recruits joined the Grey Company, including Crowe and his friend, Ikato, the nimble and mischievous troublemaker. The other recruits were the austere and lawful Bryce, the weird guy that keeps to himself Ghem, and the Old Prospector Larqeth.

The name of Crowe’s step-parents and Ikato’s parents are Relahn and Une.

Crowe’s spiritual advisor is Yuuya Heartsong. She goes out of her way to care for him, considering his powers like a druid, except “special”. Every time she does, outside of assisting in spiritual matters, she fails miserably. Sometimes, she’s not even proficient in what she’s trying to help with and asks Crowe for help mid-way. Though popular in the company, most people try to steer clear of her, or fall prey to the dangerous situations her clumsiness attracts.


You’re familiar with the two Grey Company warforged.

Metapod is a well trained human surgeon. His knowledge of working with flesh is almost frightening. Instead of a left forearm, at the elbow, it splits into three different smaller arms, each ending in a three fingered hand. He enjoys your company, and likes to tell you coldhearted stories of when the humans cry out in pain, or die in interesting ways… stories that would make most humans cringe.

Silver is a RESEMBLE warforged, fast, sleek, and made of mithril. A central core on her chest seeps a strange alchemical silver liquid that streams across her body like a spiderweb. Upon seeing the spellcarved rune that you own, she removed her cape, showing two spellcarved runes of her own on her back, where a humans shoulderblades are. She has not worn a cape to battle, since your joining the company. You do not know the purpose of either the silver core or the two wing runes.


Kenta Darkmoon, the head quartermaster of the Grey Company has been rumored to have worked with Pyak’run (Piaculum) Atrum d’Phiarlan, your father. When the Darkmoon family’s name came into question, it was associated with your father. As a son of Darkmoon, he is a great lead to have. From your knowledge base, you know that Kenta is the first retainer of the current generation’s eldest child of House Firstlight. She, however, is nowhere to be found in the Grey Company.

Starting Story Items


Brin Property 1: You automatically detect the presence of poison. It affects your sense of smell.

Brin Property 2: While shifting, you gain a climb speed of 4.

Wing tattoos (arm slot)
Chameleon Power (Encounter; Move action) You are invisible until the end of your next turn. You can psionically change the coloration of yourself and your equipment to match your surroundings. While moving, you probably want to duck and stay close to the ground. Out of combat, you gain +10 to stealth and can be sustained until cancelled.

For as long as you can remember, even before your coming of age trials, you’ve always had wing tattoos on your forearms.


+1 Shoulderguard of Resolve (neck Slot)
Property: +2 item bonus to saving throws against non-damaging effects.

Before you left the village, your step-parents gave this to you, saying that it was your father’s, a man named Eisolon.

Masterwork Nonmagical Celestial Chainmail
No armor check penalty. Weighs 20 lbs. Can be hidden underneath normal clothing.


Spellcarved Silver Plate of Disease Immunity
A certain commissar gave you this as a sign of his approval. It has a vague shape of the Silver Flame arrowhead. It’s detachable, just in case you need a weapon to beat a werewolf to death.


Property 1: You are now trained in perform(dance)

Property 2: You are proficient in unarmed combat

+1 Torc of Phasing (neck slot)
You can move up to 12 squares per day through walls made of wood, plaster, or stone. Round up. If you don’t complete your movement, you are shunted out at the point of entry.


+2 Nine Lives Stealer
On a critical hit, perform a secondary attack against Fortitude. If that attack hits, creature is immediately killed. This weapon can do this 1d4+4 times.

This was your father’s sword. You believe it has been used before. It gives off the faint scent of a damned soul.

Boots of Tracklessness
These boots leave no tracks wherever they go. Encounter power. Minor action. Invisible until end of next turn. Actions do not break stealth.



Post-Prelude Levels

Level bonuses are based on the guidelines on Character Generation

Shifter +1, Hybrid -1, Background +2, Established Character +1
Q'barran Tribeswoman Gear
Post-Prelude Level: 4
Daeva +1, Random Array +1, Background +1
Peasant Gear
Post-Prelude Level: 4
Background +2
Brelish Military Gear
Post-Prelude Level: 3
Kalashtar +1, Background +2
Deneith Gear
Post-Prelude Level: 4
Background +3, Hybrid -1
d'Phiarlan Gear
Post-Prelude level: 3
Sky Daeva +1, Random Array +1, Background +1
Post-Prelude Level: 4

TDH Prelude Session

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