Action on Kaeres

The first Action on Kaeres session was on Friday, March 6th.

dnd3.5 e6 play bastardized with cthulhutech rules
Low magic, dark fantasy, eventually to be split with dark sci-fi elements
Also, horror

Session 1 Log

The group delved into the Irohas family crypt to recover two signet rings. Though successful, they lost two of their men, Karweiss and Jayek, killed by large strange green creatures with tentacles, teeth, and red eyes.

brown mold, 300 (100 ea)
pit trap 1, 300 (100 ea)
spike trap, 300 (100 ea)
portcullis and spear trap, 300 (100 ea)
green single, 150 (50 ea)+
green 4, 600 (200 ea)
gnolls 2, 600 (200 ea)
spiders 1/2, 150 (50 ea)
beetle, 100 (33 ea)
treasure amulet, 300 (100 ea)
treasure library, 300 (100 ea)+
quest complete, 300 (100 ea)+

1233 xp for Darius, 250 xp for Yalin and Rei, and 350 xp for Shin

Action on Kaeres

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