Note: This only applies to our world of Eberron

A new nation that has taken Khorvaire by storm. Beginning as a confederacy of the warlike elves of the Valaes Tairn and the dragonblooded tribes of Q’barra. In 1013 YK, the Nation of Arkhosia was formally announced, coinciding with the nation of Darguun’s selection of a Queen. Soon after, Arkhosia began expanded its borders to the west and north, swallowing up half of Zilargo and claiming all of the Talentaan plainlands.

Arkhosia is also responsible for rehabilitating southern Cyre, erecting a free city in the center of Khorvaire named Archangel.

Rehabilitation of Cyre

The Day of Mourning in 994 YK destroyed western Cyre, rendering the land uninhabitable. Twenty years later, the southern portion of the Mournland rapidly began to heal. According to some witnesses, a powerful angel of the goddess, Arawai, saw the impossible plague and had pity, sacrificing herself in order to cleanse it. Regardless of the reason, the previously inhospitable land of dust and rampant elementals turned into fertile fields, full of wildlife and game, seemingly overnight.

Major Cities

Gatherhold: The trade city of Gatherhold in the western Talentaan plainlands pays taxes to Arkhosia, but is governed by a House Jorasco representative. A company of elite Arkhosian troops, mostly Q’barran, polices the city. Altercations are punishable by death.

Archangel: In the center of Khorvaire, all roads and railways eventually lead to Archangel. A hub of technology and trade, Archangel is a hub of Riedran and Darguun culture, mixing with cultures of the 5 Nations. This Arkhosian city welcomes the Dragonmarked houses, going as far as building their embassies with Cannith-Riedran technology according to House officials’ specifications.

The city’s architecture is a combination of fortified Crysteel walls and Cyran marble.

Archangel is a Free City and nobles and merchants of all nations take residence within its walls. The city is guarded by a series of advanced human-like Warforged that call themselves CASTs. More armored, better, faster, and stronger than even Crysteel Knights, they are judge, jury, and executioner. It is rumored that within each CAST is the soul of a Cyran that died on The Day of Mourning, in 994 YK.

Rhuukan Draal: An ancient city, now the center of Dhakaani culture. It is from here that the Voice of the Emperor advises the current Dhakaani Shogun, Hantei I. Emissaries from other Arkhosian provinces and from some of the nations are permitted, but viewed as unwelcome by the common people. While it may be common for Dhakaani samurai to travel with soldiers from other nations, outsiders in the Dhakaani army are not seen.

Io’Vanthor: A grand city erected high in the Endworld mountains, west of Q’barra, the city exists outside of Arkhosia only as a rumor. War leaders from each province convene in this hidden city, directing their plans for their country.


7 High Generals oversee the Arkhosian army. Below that is a number of generals with armies ranging from 300 to several thousand. Generals act as equals, taking into consideration one anothers’ army strength. Generals operate more or less independently, cooperating only when needed, or when controlled by a High General.

Most soldiers are issued an Arkhosian insignia, a dragon’s head on a circular background, of varying colors. On the reverse side is name and rank. Insignias are used primarily for individual identification, colors and armor serving to display allegiance.

Cormyr : Purple on Gold
City of Archangel : Monochrome Metal
Darguun : Various, mostly Green on Gold
Valenar : (Usually no symbol)
Q’barra : Various, mostly Red on Gold
Talenta : Monochrome Wood or Bronze


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