Arkhosia Factions

Note: This only applies to our world of Eberron

Though Arkhosia claims to be a single, solid nation, it is in-fact a bonding of several separate factions. The three most powerful factions are the Valenar, the Dhakaani, and the Riedrans. The devastating battalion that crushed the Zil-Brelish forces and ultimately sacked the Three Cities was made up of all of Arkhosia’s might. In reality, when not led by a High General, most soldiers will travel with those of familiarity.

The Valenar

Typical Units: Raiders, mounted lightly armored cavalry
Elite Units: Valenar warlords are usually easy to spot
Heraldry: Flags depending on warband
Notes: The Valaes Tairn elves, or the Tairnadal, pride themselves in their horses, the fastest in all of Khorvaire. Their favored weapon is the scimitar or the vicious double-bladed scimitar, long and balanced for slashing from horseback. The rite of combat is often sought for, by traditional Tairnadal, so warbands that recognize strong warriors may request duels from parties they encounter, regardless of their affiliation. My recommendation is we deal with them as little as possible, falling back on “military orders” instead of accepting such foolish behavior.

The Dhakaani

Typical Units: Samurai, armored soldiers with two-hand swords
Elite Units: Larger men and women of Dhakaani birth are designated martyrs warriors for their nation, by their beliefs. They serve as deadly frontline shock troops.
Heraldry: Dependent of their clan
Notes: The Dhakaani culture is engrossed with a caste-system, most warriors being of a proper class, and designated “samurai.” Lesser armored “peasant” troops are also fielded, obviously not of such caste origin. The culture, as a whole, is stubborn and xenophobic, though expressing itself as honorable and righteous. Meeting them on the field, they will likely keep to themselves, unless they drastically need help, or have taken some perceived offense. My recommendation, if approached, is to clearly state our rank, station, and achievements; if we outrank them, then they will be much easier to deal with.

The Riedrans

Typical Units: Troops with crystals embedded or infused into their armor and weaponry
Elite Units: Reapers, robed psykers that were born with the ability to tap into forbidden energies with their minds. The most dangerous of these are the black robed Librarians, from the Riedran nation of Cormyr.
Heraldry: Varying, based on nation
Notes: A large number of troops arrived from Riedra, populating much of what used to by Valenar and the Mournland. The crystals infused into their gear are mined in Riedra and provide magical properties. Officers important enough to warrant full-bodied crystal-infused armor are called Crysteel Knights, such as Captain Spartacus.

The Cyrans

Typical Units: Practical colored leather armors, depending on their locale
Elite Units: CAST units, an extremely advanced humanoid-type of Warforged. Most CASTs have pledged their allegiance to Arkhosia, and receive benefits as officers.
Heraldry: The City of Archangel’s symbol is the Dragon’s Head on monochrome dark iron
Notes: This faction is made up of humans from Valenar and humans from Reborn Cyre. Also, elite troops from the City of Archangel, known as CASTs, are extremely effective soldiers. Rumors abound say a Brelish battalion of 100,000 would fall to a CAST army of 300. Though I’ve never met one, myself, I recommend we not antagonize a CAST.

The Q’barrans

Typical Units: Guerilla tribesmen, wearing ceremonial leather and bone armor
Elite Units: Heavily decorated tribesmen riding young drakes
Heraldry: Varying, but usually on wood
Notes: The Q’barran people are the chosen of the Arkhosian dragons. The blessed are chosen by drakes to accompany them into battle, wielding bow and sorcery, raining death upon our enemies. Many of my people made a pilgrimage west, away from our homeland, as urged by the angel, Sora. And though we are a small faction, each of our warriors has been trained to fight amidst the harsh jungle, war between tribes, and the wrath of our gods. I recommend we respect any Q’barrans we encounter… unless they’re from the Forest Bow or Shadow Rain tribes. If that were so, I recommend that we cut them down to the last survivor, so no one would ever know.

The Talentaan Traitors

Typical Units: Light mounted cavalry, mounting quick-footed raptors
Elite Units: None to speak of
Heraldry: Made from wood
Notes: Each worthwhile halfling warrior has with him a mask that he only puts on when in battle. According to their culture, immersing themselves into battle debilitates them into savages only capable of growls, whistles, and complex hand motions. However, they become single-minded and are difficult to demoralize. My recommendation is that the halfling savages that have joined the Arkhosian army are not to be trusted. Their territory was conquered only months prior, and in a bloody coup. Any Talentaan that wishes to fight alongside us is either a spy or a severely twisted individual.

-List compiled by Kaffa Novanion, as per requested by Captain Spartacus
(Editor’s Note: document was written 1028 YK)

Arkhosia Factions

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