Armies of Khorvaire

Aundair [Not at War]

Typical Units: Lightly armored Knights-Arcane
Elite Units: Dragonhawk Riders
Heraldry: Wings on Blue and Silver
Notes: Officers are often aristocrats, with strange tall hats and feathery dragonhawk plumes. Typical Aundairians may look weak, but may be hiding some sort of arcane trick. My recommendation is to assume each one is a mage. Only feel safe with an Aundairian if you cut off their tongues and smash the bones of their fingers.

Breland [At War]

Typical Units: Heavily Armored Swordsmen and Halberdiers
Elite Units: Bear Knights
Heraldry: Bear’s Head on a Red and Gold Shield
Notes: Large warhorses, heavy armor, and heavier weapons describe the Brelish army. There are hundreds of them, so if attacking a patrol, leave no survivors. Higher ranked officials are allowed more leeway in uniform and weaponry, so be wary of soldiers dressed as adventurers.

Karrnath [At War]

Typical Units: Skeletons, Zombies, Necromancers, Cavaliers with Skeletal Horses
Elite Units: Bone Knights
Heraldry: Red Wolf’s Head on Black
Notes: Living Karrnathi soldiers are well-trained, individually strong, and fight with an unshakable love of their country. Their undead soldiers also retain fighting ability and lethality. Their officers decorate their armors with Karrnathi furs, higher ranking officers with animal skulls, and most recently the skulls of Cyrans, Dhakaani, and Riedrans. My recommendation is to slay each and every Karrnathi with extreme prejudice.
Reward: The highest rank of officer, Karrnathi Warlord, is signified by an Opal Ring. The Arkhosian army offers a reward for the retrieval of such a ring.

Thrane [Not at War]

Typical Units: Tower Shield Legionnaires, Clerics, and Crossbow Gunners
Elite Units: Paladins
Heraldry: Silver Arrowhead with the Silver Flame inscription
Notes: Silver crosses and arrowheads are the symbol of this theocratic country. Most Thranish expeditions are armed missionaries. Antagonizing such a convoy is unwise, for a number of Thranes are mindless religious zealots, and therefore dangerous enemies. My recommendation is to stay away from them, if you don’t want a lecture.
Special: Many older Thranes still exhibit prejudice towards Dhakaani, for the many perceived offenses taken during the Last War, and for the Dhakaani almost complete rejection of the Silver Flame religion.

-List compiled by Kaffa Novanion, as per requested by Captain Spartacus
(Editor’s Note: document was written 1028 YK)

Armies of Khorvaire

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