Character Generation

This page has all the rules on character generation for the Fall 2009 DND4e Eberron campaign, The Dragon’s Hand.

At least one of your characters must be created via randomized rolls.

Character Rolling

Initial character ability score rolling is a set of seven 4d6/brutal 7 rolls, in order. That’s to say, seven different times, you’ll roll four 6-sided dice. You are granted a reroll if your total is under 8.

The scores, in order are Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Intelligence (INT), Constitution (CON), Wisdom (WIS), Charisma (CHA), and Appearance (APP).

Acceptable total modifiers are +4 and +10. If you score lower, you are granted a free reroll. If you score higher, your character is too powerful, and you must reroll again, but your new characters starts with an additional benefit, such as a magic item, bonus heroic tier feat, or rokugan-style advantage. Finally, one of your scores must be 14 or higher.

Ability Score Deficiencies

To add more fluff and grit, deficiencies in certain ability scores will tract roleplaying disadvantages to your character.

  • Characters created with below 10 int are unable to read.
  • Characters created with below 12 int are unable to take additional languages besides common. In the case of racial languages, choose a deficit in speaking/understanding or writing/reading with one of the languages. Speech deficits include bad accents.
  • Characters created with below 10 wis begin with a lesser psychological disorder, such as an obsession or anxiety.
  • Characters created with below 10 cha have +5 to difficulty in certain social circumstances.
  • Characters created with below 10 app have +5 to difficulty in all social situations.

Ability Score Skills

Furthermore, depending on your ability scores and choice of class, you may a trained skill’s main ability score. For example, an 18th strength Valenar Dragoon may choose Coercion(STR), instead of Intimidate(CHA). A Half-Elven Aundairian Swashbuckler may take Seduction(APP) instead of Diplomacy(CHA).

Character Background

A character will be rewarded experience points based on beginning background story and fluff. A character can earn up to 2250xp, beginning the game at 3rd level. Characters initially start at first level, unless a party has been established, in which case the lowest level in the party is (n-2), where n is the mean average level of the party.

Guidelines are as follows.

  • Choose a race that you didn’t play in the last two campaigns. I recommend trying an Eberron race, like kalashtar or shifter, or a non-human.
  • Have a strong established allegiance to a country or Dragonmarked house. Have a few other lesser allegiances, as well.
  • Try to follow Eberron naming mechanics, referring to ancestral names, homelands, and occupations. “Ryvus d’Orien” (Ryvus Atonisk Orien, within the house), “Rolo of Sharn”, and “Rengar Portalcrafter”.
  • Avoid naming characters similar in rhyme or alliteration to other those of other players. Oh, and don’t start your character name with the letter A.
  • We’re limiting the amount of heals on the table. A player that chooses a second leader-class may choose a feat, class feature, or encounter power, from the same or another class to replace it, with DM discretion.
  • The Divine Power feat [Pacifist Healer] is OUTLAWED. Don’t you dare bring your Lathander the Crying God shit into my house.
  • Build combinations that have already been used are frowned upon.


I will be asking…

  • Eyes, hair color and style, character style.
  • True age and apparent age (human perspective).
  • Height and weight will be rolled (until you get something acceptable).
  • Favored weapon and battle stance.
  • Alignment in a sentence; ie. Honorable and just, with a soft spot for children.
  • Attack style. What exactly happens when you use your “attacks”? What kind of personal flair is your move made of?
  • Preferred battle station. If you knew battle was imminent, what are the parameters you’d want?
  • High and low ability score questions. Is your con so low because you were born with a weak heart? Is your str high because you’ve been training in the king’s personal military?
  • Likes and dislikes.
  • Vices.
  • Greatest fear. Greatest wish.
  • What traits are attractive to you?
  • How strong are your ties to your king? Your country? Your town? Family? Friends?
  • Do you believe in the Sovereign Host?

Character background bonuses are as follows.

  • 1000 xp for a detailed background.
  • +1 level for using character rolling system explained above, instead of point-buy.
  • +1 level for using a character played in the Dwarves of Karrnath playtest.
  • -20% total xp penalty until 10th level or -1000 xp for hybrid characters.
  • 1 appropriate level magic item, depending on your starting allegiances. Type as character preferred, but statistics up to DM.

Characters past 1st level

Characters created later in the campaign use these rules instead of the ones in the DMG.

Standard Gear: +1 Weapon or Implement, +1 Armor, +1 Amulet of Protection
Other items and gold: Equal to a magic item one level lower than your character

Standard Gear: +1 Weapon Rune, +1 Armor Rune, +1 Amulet of Protection, 100 GP

The actual items are player choice. Potions, ritual scrolls, lesser wondrous items, and the like, are buyable at character creation using your gold pool.

If you create a character with the ritual caster/alchemy feats, we’ll start you with more gold.

The higher level your character is created, these basic items are upgraded in power. You choose which item is upgraded.

5th level: single +2 upgrade
6th level: double +2
7th level: all +2

10th level: single +3
11th level: double +3
12th level: all +3

15th level: single +4
16th level: double +4
17th level: all +4

Character Generation

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