Death and Dying

This page concerns death and dying in the Dragon’s Hand Campaign.

Life and Death

  • When defeated in battle, either at negative bloodied HP or failing the appropriate number of death saving throws, you are instead disabled.
  • Depending on the disability, a character must attain access to a Heal Disability ritual in time (time variable, 1 day-1 month). If not, they are marred with the disability forever or die.
  • The Raise Dead ritual is instead called Heal Disability. Resurrection is available, but rare, and not (generally) available as a PC ritual.
  • Certain battle conditions and battle effects can render a character dead instead of disabled.

Disability Chart

The following rolls are based on a 1d10. There are no ways to completely bypass the listed effects. An effect may be chosen, if appropriate. Being disabled is an unwanted condition, but is better than being dead, even if only slightly.

  • 1-3 have -5 penalties to all mental checks
  • 4-7 have -5 penalties to all physical checks
  1. Concussion: Dazed (save ends) at the beginning of combat. When you save from this effect, the effect is reapplied at the end of your next turn.
  2. Loss of Power: Cannot use daily powers, 50% chance for encounter power to fail
  3. Vision Loss: Blinded condition in combat
  4. Walking Wounded: Enemies attack you as if you are helpless
  5. Gaping Wound: Cannot refill HP past bloodied
  6. Stomach Wound: Halves effectiveness of healing. Lose two healing surges
  7. Restraining Pain: Immobilized and -2 to attacks (save ends) at the end the first round. When you save from this effect, the effect is reapplied at the end of your next turn.
  8. Busted Legs: Grant combat advantage, move half speed, and you cannot shift. Stacks with prone
  9. Busted Gear: Main attacking weapon/s falls into disrepair, somehow
  10. Roll twice

Notes on Disfigurement

  • Head (eye loss, facial disfigurement, deafness)
  • Torso (collar, ribs, internal bleeding, pierced organs)
  • Arms (bone breakage, finger loss, tendon cut)
  • Legs (bone breakage)
  • Concussion assumes head trauma
  • Loss of power varies depending on the power source, perhaps jammed fingers for intricate spell-motions or just pain too overbearing to concentrate on martial skills and primal summons
  • Vision loss assumes heavy loss of blood, head trauma, or loss of eye/s
  • The walking wounded disability makes you look like an escaped patron after a bar fight. You gain +2 to Bluff checks in order to look dead
  • Gaping wound and stomach wound are fairly self-explanatory
  • Restraining pain assumes either extreme pain, subconscious fear of pain, or otherwise weakened reactions for movement
  • Busted legs can refer to bone breakage, severing of muscles and tendons, or severing of a part of either or both legs
  • Busted gear assumes a main weapon falls into disrepair, to be fixed at a later time. This may mean an item is damaged, loses some magic power, or even shatters. Also, a dominant arm may become wounded, or the item may even be picked up and used in that combat encounter.

Death and Dying

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