There are two kinds of Angelblooded, Aasimar and Devas.

An Aasimar is a child, born of human relations.

A Deva is either a reborn lesser angel, or a reborn powerful Aasimar. Devas can be reborn into the world as young children, as teenagers, or in rare cases, full adults. They come into the world with almost no memories, but regain some over time. They come to understand that depending on the life they live, when they die, they will be reborn again, either as a Deva, or other angelic being… or as a Rhakshasa.

Devas and Aasimar resemble humans, with hints of their angelic nature. Many devas have broad, statuesque faces as adults, and fair hair. Other common traits include halos, beautiful vestigial wings, soft feathers that arbitrarily appear on clothing, and a voice like a choir of angels.

While many Devas are good-aligned, not all are on the side of good.


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