Sects of humans exist, with draconic blood flowing through their veins. These humans are known as the Dragonblooded, a rare breed. They are born to a dragon color, and thusly, to an elemental affinity. They are able to use their melee weapons as implements to channel their “dragon’s breath”-like attack. Like other bloodline races, they inherit certain physical features and behavioral traits. Portions of skin where colored scales grow and small horns are common. Flames may draw closer to a red dragonblood, static shock may be very common to allies of a blue, and the saliva of a black may be slightly acidic.

Most dragonbloods are from the Dragon Continent of Argonnessen, or from the southeastern Khorvaire country of Q’barra. Dragonblood communities thrive in Q’barra, forming new governments and trading with outsiders. Some dragonblood tribes have turned savage, though, dwelling in the wild with lizardfolk and troglodytes, dangers to Q’barra and its neighbors. Feral dragonblood inherit more draconic strength than intelligence, and scales, horns, tooth and claw are apparent in their physical features.

Most dragonbloods develop features hinting at heritage of a chromatic dragon. The offspring of two dragonbloods usually result in a child of the color of one of the parents, but isn’t always guaranteed. Discolorations may occur, and between childhood and adulthood, a dragonblood’s color may change. However, a color and affinity always becomes dominant.

Dragonbloods that develop features resembling a metallic dragon are extremely rare. Typical dragonblood culture in Q’barra and other dragonblood consider these types of dragonbloods harbingers of disaster, and are usually slain at birth, or exiled upon adulthood. Normal dragonbloods experience a negative, almost allergic reaction, from social or physical contact with metallic dragonbloods. That being said, metallic dragonbloods usually develop physically and mentally superior to a normal dragonblood, and at a faster rate.

Named Q’barran Tribes

A few Q’barran tribes, where Dragonblooded creatures are common have already been named in Eberron, concerning the Wyrmslayer series.


True Name: Caesin’vaex
Meaning: Forest Bow
Size: ~300
Story: A powerful tribe in eastern Q’barra, known for its iejirastrix, Palara. As of 1012 YK, Palara is an aging woman, with her successor named as a young shifter named Brin. Because of Palara’s and Brin’s influence, local iejirastrixes wear capes dyed in bright red.
Patron Dragon Color: Shadow.


Size: ~500
Story: Neighboring tribe to the Chi’vax. During times of celebration or trouble, both tribes are brought together.
Patron Dragon Color: Grey


True Name: Arytevaleij
Meaning: Those Who Bleed During War. Also, a Warlord’s Martyrs
Size: Several camps of 200+. Over 1500, altogether.
Story: An active tribe that travels Khorvaire. Their patron spirit is named Romulus.
Patron Dragon Color: Red


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