A short listing of NPCs in The Emperor’s Tear Campaign

Veranus Atonisk d’Orien
Veranus Atonisk Orien is a learned tradesman and an Orien Ambassador between Thrane and Aundair. His wife, Iva d’Orien, is from Aundair, and he is from Thrane. He is also cousin to Ryvus d’Orien, close confidante and friend. He has an Orien Dragonmark.

Agara Atonisk
Daughter to Iva d’Orien and Veranus d’Orien. She is 4 years old as of 996 YK. Ryvus d’Orien is her favorite relative.

Archbishop Gabriel
Archbishop Gabriel serves Jaela Daran directly. The Thrane party’s quests began because of Gabriel’s word.

Brother Yuki
Aleric’s best friend since childhood, and long-time roommate at the warrior’s monastery in Flamekeep.

Iva Atonisk
Iva Atonisk Orien is wife to Veranus d’Orien, mother to Agara d’Orien, and cousin by marriage to Ryvus d’Orien. Iva worries for Ryvus, and hopes for him to settle down from adventuring and marry one of his beautiful suitors. She especially supports for her favorite housemaid in Bluevine, Renge.

A maid at the Atonisk Orien estate in Bluevine. She is Ryvus d’Orien’s lover and older fraternal twin sister to Megumi. She can be loud and outspoken when she wants to, but minds her manners most of the time. She is a close friend to Iva d’Orien, and speaks with her informally, when alone. Everyone in the Bluevine estate knew her feelings for Ryvus, and many support their relationship. She has a beautiful voice.

She married Ryvus d’Orien in 996 YK.

A maid at the Atonisk Orien estate in Bluevine. She was one of Ryvus d’Orien’s potential lovers, but first and foremost, younger fraternal twin sister to Renge. She is shy compared to her outspoken sister, but also has strong feelings for Ryvus, if not stronger.

She was the maid of honor at the wedding of Ryvus and Renge, and continues to live at the Bluevine estate as a maid, when she’s not adventuring with her sister.

A young orphan in the protection of the Thrane party. She refers to her protectors oftentimes as Mister Bubbles. She has a penchant for Aleric and believes that Arisu is a bubbling pot of infinite heresy.


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