FirstTower Applicants

A number of applicants have applied to First-Tower squad, from other squads.

Ikato of Hycael, Brelish Daeva
Uses unorthodox dual-wielding club fighting style
Been in company less than a year
Auto-succeeds on Common Sense checks
Provides +2 Acrobatics on skill challenges

Disatot of the Chi’vax tribe, Q’barran Human
Uses unorthodox two-hand sword fighting style. Also skilled with the shortbow
Strong fighter
Auto-succeeds on Perseverance checks
Provides a +2 Endurance on skill challenges

Mao of the Chi’vax tribe, Q’barran Human
Don’t really know

Karin, Thranish Human
Orthodox sword and shield. Minor Priestess of the Silver Flame
6 year good standing history and reputation in company
Squad skills unknown

Yuzuki, Eldeen Truedive Shifter
Water mage. Minor shamanistic healing magic
Auto-succeeds Diplomacy checks on Medium-sized marine creatures and creatures of the Water subtype

Remyl Dragonslayer, Karrnathi Khoravar
Super hot leader of the Highwind squad, who wants to tell Brin that we raided your clothing drawer and replaced it with stuff Yuuya and I bought from the last Warhammer 40k convention.
Oh, and I auto-succeed on awesome checks.
And give +2 to Endurance on skill challenges

Metapod, Brelish Warforged
Most skilled surgeon in the company.
5 year good standing history and reputation in company
Has the technology to rebuild you, faster, stronger, less fleshier
Gives a +2 to Heal on skill challenges

Yuuya Heartsong, Valenar Elf
lol posting in an awesome thread

Kosius of Rekkenmark, Karrnathi Human
If you’re not going to take these threads seriously, then don’t post in them!

Bryce of Hycael, Noble Brelish Paladin of the Sovereign H
ost. The form didn’t allow me to fill out my entire title. Hold fast, friends and foes. For I am Bryce, the stronghearted! No enemy can withstand the power of my mighty might.
Been in company less than a year
Auto-succeeds any checks that involves being/pretending to be righteous
Gives a +2 to Religion on skill challenges

Lemyr Funslayer, Evil Demon
Raar! Recrooting is srs bsns!

FirstTower Applicants

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