FirstTower Squad

First-Tower is the name of one of the Grey Company’s squadrons. Its name comes from a small village adjacent to the city of Sharn, situated on a stone tower, about 30 feet high.


In 07/1013, a majority of the PCs split from First-Tower Squad. Ignatius and the rest of First-Tower Squad then assumed command of the militia police in Sharn’s Greywall District.

Member List

Currently, First-Tower consists of…

  • Bardan Thimblestout, Brelish jack-of-all-trades, halfling
  • Brin of Chi’vax, Q’barran shadow speaker, cliffwalk shifter
  • Crowe of Hycael, Brelish daeva divine caster
  • Ghem of Hycael, Brelish human breeder
  • Genloneras of Darguun, minotaur axe berserker
  • Ignatius Marcus [squad leader], Brelish warforged armor knight
  • Maria d’Kundarak [highest seniority], Karrnathi dwarven hammer sister
  • Metapod, Brelish warforged medic
  • Selene, dryad artificer
  • Volantus d’Phiarlan, Brelish eladrin swordsman
  • Yuriel, sky daeva caster

Members until recently…

  • Mao of Chi’vax, q’barran archer (killed in action)
  • Disatot of Chi’vax, Q’barran swordsman (killed in action)
  • Pilatrius, Karrnathi skeleton archer (lost in battle)
  • Kyrie “Cairo” Rooks, ravenwing shifter swordsgirl (transferred to squad C)
  • “Dredge”, khoravar swordsman (killed in action)
  • Novakri of Sharn, Deneith kalashtar spy (killed in action)
  • Rhodok Twoscar [leader of Bravo squad], orcish axemaster (transferred to squad B)
  • Silver, Aundairian warforged RESEMBLE knight (transferred to squad B)

Team Setup

Team 1

Ignatius [Soldier, Squad Leader 1]
Brin [Ranged, Assistant Lead 1]
Volantus [Melee]
Crowe [Caster]
Bardan [Caster]
Selene [Medic]

Team 2

Ghem [Specialist, Squad Leader 2]
Maria [Caster, Assistant Lead 2]
Yuriel [Caster]
Metapod [Medic]

NPC Summary

  • Metapod
    • A warforged surgeon, a repository of knowledge about humanoid anatomy
  • Priest of Prime (Active)
    • Metapod can resurrect creatures that have been disabled for less than a day. The ritual costs 680 GP worth of materials.
  • Challenge Help: +2 Heal
  • Maria d’Kundarak
    • A minor priestess of Kol Korran, and a proficient healer. She uses holy magic and magical throwing hammers in battle.
  • Discount (Passive)
    • Items found in a shop can be bought for 20% cheaper as long as at least 2 things are bought
  • I Will Stick My Hammer Up Your !@^$ (Passive)
    • When within 5 squares of Maria, creatures that have coveted Maria’s gold take an additional 5 damage from Maria and her allies. The party is effectively immune to outside thieves.
  • Childlike (Passive)
    • Maria has a +5 disguise bonus to pass as a child. You know, if you’re into that stuff.
  • Challenge Help: +2 Heal
  • Ghem of Hycael
    • An ex-Vadalis breeder and proficient swordsman.
  • Animal Empathy (Active)
    • Ghem can communicate in a limited way with animals
  • Animal Trainer (Passive)
    • Ghem automatically succeeds on checks with Vadalis animals and mounts
  • Delinquent Look (Disadvantage)
    • Ghem looks like a delinquent. Most people stay away from him.
  • Challenge Help: +2 to checks with animals

FirstTower Squad

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