Genesis NPCs

Current Party (Jul31)

Main Team: Cpt. Brannigan, Genloneras, Gunhild, Helios, Novakri, Vile (& Mao)
Side Team: Mimiku
Noncombatants: Pallas
Nimbus Crew: Computer, Kayle (Weapons), Linka (Engine), Minami (Cargo Hold), Tolle

Sol Invictus

The gladiator team, Sol Invictus, was a well-known gladiator school headed by a young-faced silver-haired gladiator named Romulus. Slaves indicted were immediately freed, merely with an honor-debt to pay back Romulus what they were worth. Gladiators were offered friendship and pay, leading to envy and hate among other gladiator schools.

  • Pallas is a lovely, pale-skinned woman, previously a high-class courtesan. She was responsible for basic care in the team headquarters. She was captured by slavers after the destruction of the Hellion, but bought and freed by Team Invictus as thanks in “Gen and Core make a Porno.” She was revealed to have access to the Arcane Lock ritual in “Somewhere Over the Nimbus.”
  • Mallow was the genie healer, summoned by Romulus to care for Team Invictus. He was killed by Gunhild in “Step Up: Helios”
  • Corborus is a crystal-rock creature with a human appearance, a loyal companion of Brannigan, and battle-partner of Genloneras.

Lord Helios’ Allies

  • Lord Ravus is Helios’ childhood friend. He lost his head and became a mindless automaton in “Step Up: Helios”


An Elven gladiator team that performed in the Hellion. The three members of Zin’Aeterna were introduced at the end of “Step Up: Helios”

  • Socrates, a tall elf, is the interim leader of the Zin’Aeterna. His life is governed by a want for money. However, he prioritizes survival and his strange hobby of collecting the teeth of different creatures. He was killed in the final battle of “Afraid of the Dark.”
  • Manticore is a sharp-eyed wood elf that wears a leather mask over his mouth. He speaks through Elven sign language. He left the party to fight in the gladiatorial arenas of Balic after Socrates’ death.
  • Abra is an always-sleeping Eladrin. His magical energies were stolen by Shadow God Kurja during the events of “Vile-amari Rammucy”
  • Rammus is an Elven Armordillo. He was introduced in “Vile-amari Rammucy” as an enemy mercenary, but joined Sol Invictus shortly after. He left the party after Socrates’ death.

Brannigan’s Crew

Captain Ron Brannigan is an airship pilot, previously in charge of dozens of crew-members.

  • Tolle, a slow-speaking ghost, is a crew-member that Brannigan found in Rebache during “Gen and Core make a Porno”
  • Kayle is a spirit of radiance, joining the party after being sexually assaulted in “Vile-amari Rammucy.” Her existence as a crewmember passively helps power the Nimbus’ magical weapons and shields.
  • Minami is a demon with a bottomless stomach, who is acting as the Nimbus’ cargo hold. She was introduced in “Vile-amari Rammucy.”
  • Mimiku is an Ancient Mimic, once the Nimbus’ weapon locker, who has volunteered to journey with Sol Invictus in place of Minami. He was first encountered in Mimic form during “Somewhere Over the Nimbus,” and joined shortly after.

The Family

A criminal syndicate known as The Family vies for power in the black sky and black sand city of Balic.

  • Noar, the Steam Bear, is a bio-enhanced Dire Bear that stands on two feat, and is proficient in a particularly large and mobile Steam Bike. The bike can reach speeds of over 200 kph in only a few seconds. He was first encountered during “Gen-ny’s Got a Gun.”
  • Bastia Troika von Schierkolitz, the “High Daughter” of the family, is in a position of power within The Family, to offer Sol Invictus an artifact. The party first sought her out during “Gen-ny’s Got a Gun.”
  • The Silver-Haired Vixen is a tall, strong woman, who claims to have a relationship with Genloneras. She took one of Genloneras’ firsts during “Gen-ny’s Got a Gun.”

Genesis NPCs

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