Grey Company 2

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The Grey Company is a mercenary band in Breland, absorbing the guild, Deathsgate. It is governed by a council of officers, the head of which is a Khoravar named Kenta Darkmoon.

The Company’s roots are in Karrnath, so half of the command line is made up of foreigners. Most soldiers, however, are Brelish.

The Company is still regarded well in Karrnath, and so does not take hostile actions that endanger the Old Country.


  • 998 YK – Wolves split from the Order of Rekkenmark
  • 1000 YK – Geneon killed, Halzen takes over as Leader
  • 1007 YK – Rekkenmark Wolves disbanded in city of Rekkenmark, Karrnath. Kenta Darkmoon takes over as Council Head and leads Wolves to Breland
  • 1008 YK – Wolves take over fallen guild Deathsgate, Grey Company is formed
  • 1012/04 – First-tower Squad is formed, of best recruits. Company popularity skyrockets
  • 1012/06 – Company absorbs ~50 remnants of the paladin sisterhood, Order of the Sun. Male recruitment skyrockets
  • 1013/07 – Failed mission in Valenar leads to slaughter of Bravo Squad. Upon returning to Sharn, 30% of members quit


As of 1013/07, there are 165 members; Integrated (46% human, 14% halfling, 11% dwarf, 8% shifter, 5% khoravar, 4% gnome, 3% dragonblood, 2% elf, 2% planetouched, 1% warforged, 3% other races)


  • Alpha is generally inactive squad, comprising of other squads’ best. Kenta or another appropriate tactician or commander leads this squad when called together.
  • Bravo is inactive after most of its members were killed or wounded in the Warwood campaign. Its recent captain, Rhon Brannigan, was killed less than a month after his promotion. It is assumed that Captain Rhodok will take up another leadership position after his recuperation. Bravo squad is known for its breaching power, especially when utilizing its well-trained lancers.
  • Brin Squad is lead by Captain Brin, and a number of talented soldiers previously of First-Tower squad.
  • Chimera is lead by the sniper leader, Rebache Feathershaft. A number of his students excel in fighting at range.
  • Deathsgate is an inactive squad, its membership generally reserved to old Deathsgate members. Its name has negative undertones in Sharn.
  • Elysia squad is lead by Captain Voluntas and his second, Cyndi Quinn. Squad was previously lead by a cleric of Dol Dorn named Naenia, who welcomed the Order of the Sun with open arms. Elysia is mostly an armor unit, favoring halberds.
  • First-Tower is currently the acting militia of Sharn’s Greywall district, lead by Captain Ignatius.
  • Gutbuster is an inactive squad, lead by a battle-loving dwarf named Thibbledorf.
  • Highwind is the specialist squad, lead by Captain Remyl, and restricted for the unorthodox.
  • Ivalice squad was created to be lead by Raven Fallencrest, in a single mission, to investigate a human trafficking ring in central Breland.

Grey Company 2

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