Where: Shadukar the “Jewel of Sound”, Northern Thrane
When: 959 YK

The Princess, the Wolf, and the Jewel of Sound

The year is 959 YK, and the Darkmoon warband is to assist Karrnathi and Cyran forces take the Thranish castle city, Shadukar, called the Jewel of Sound. The castle city is atop a cliff, overlooking an important waterway known as Scion’s Sound. The bulk of the city is built into the side of the bluff, and there are some buildings outside the walls, due to overpopulation.

The army is mostly comprised of Karrnathi troops, the highest ranking general being Geneon of Rekkenmark. Also in the attack are to be Cyran troops, lead by General ir’Thavar and Valenar troops, lead by esteemed Warprince Beowulf Darkmoon.

With Cyre’s blessing, the army will approach en masse by using soarwood skifts to cross the Brey River. The siege will be lead in the front by Warprince Beowulf.

I will be participating in the initial siege, as well as Lady Kagura Firstlight and Prince Aenaeas Southstar. The two are stubborn to a fault. Praise be our ancestors that they are warriors without Thranish peer.

Also in the initial siege to note is Karrnathi Captain Garithos Hellekanus, a Rekkenmark Bone Knight, an intimidating man, who acts in honor, and gives a warrior’s respect to those who deserve it. Prince Aenaeas, mature for his age, has accepted his warrior spirit. Personally, I admire the young human’s sound wisdom and calculated bravery.

Noting that, there is also a young Cyran Captain named Rude, who Prince Beowulf has warmed to immediately. The two are hot-headed, stubborn, and quick to draw. They’re both merciless fiends on the battlefield, heartless seducers of women, and talented, charismatic officers. That said, the two have become best of friends, subtly comparing the size of their accomplishments, in an immature and useless contest that, for some reason, all the other males of our warbands, seem to hold as sacred ritual. My ancestors were scholars. I will never understand.

None of the Darkmoon warband, especially Prince Beowulf, regrets the war we were offered by Cyre. Surely, Cyre is the greatest nation Khorvaire has to offer.

-Written by Kenta Darkmoon, Valenar scribe


Main missions:
  • Escort Beowulf to the city gate
  • Claim the outer walls
  • Take inner castle
  • Imprison the interim governor, Bishop Kierke
  • Take enemy officials hostage, to trade for Cyran prisoners of war
  • Slay any reputed Thranish heroes


Hook: Zilargo Spy

You’ve been on the inside for 4 years. A hefty Cyran reward awaits your return, paid by the hour, and extra for combat pay. You would have done it for free, your secret hate for this country festering each day of the longest 4 years of your life. Also, Bishop Kierke has a secret that you’ve been seeking for a long time…

Hook: Blood of Vol

Allegiance to your country and allegiance to yourself has placed you on the elite forces of Captain Garithos Hellekanus. You are college buddies, both graduating from the prestigious military school, the Rekkenmark Academy. Instead of becoming an officer, you embrace the philosophies of the Blood of Vol, and train to the peak of physical performance. Hellekanus’ invitation to his company couldn’t have come at a better time.

Hook: Ancestral Foe

Your ancestors were dragonslayers. Though of a different warband, you accompany your Darkmoon cousins, following the rumor that a powerful blue dragon hides within the walls of the Jewel of Sound. In your travels, you’ve come to a mutual respect with the Karrnathi General, Geneon. Furthermore, a young blonde human woman named Rumi has caught your eye, though bringing you troublesome mockeries and cajolery from your peers. Nonetheless, she is enchanted by the stories of your ancestors, and by you. When she asks for your name, you tell her that it is “purpose”. Even still, she asks you with hope in her eyes, if you will slay the dragon for her?

Hook: New and Improved

Your home, the city of Whitehearth has been the center of Cannith ingenuity and invention for centuries. The leader of the d’Cannith household, Baron Starrin d’Cannith, has selected you, amongst a few select others to test the newest prototypes of war machine, in battle. You were chosen because of your mastery of your own high-level machine technology. Your friends and colleagues call your works RESEMBLE technology. And they call your new weapons of war, the Warforged.


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