Tiamat’s Prism Prologue

The 12th of Nymm, the sixth month, in the Year of our Kingdom 1013

On Brightblade, the holy day of Dol Dorn, god of battle, the Phiarlan enclave in Sharn’s Dragon quarter was raided. A retinue of armed Dol Arrah paladins known as the Order of the Sun asked for Piaculum and Voluntas d’Phiarlan. When denied, Frena Firstlight lead her paladins into slaughter, leaving no Phiarlan alive.

A section of the Order was left behind, but they sought refuge with the Grey Company. Voluntas d’Phiarlan and Kenta Darkmoon vouched for their good names, tarnishing their reputation and opening them to political attack by various other houses.

The 18th of Nymm

First-Tower squad was contacted by a female shadowdancer, an agent of Julietta. She instructed the party to retrieve an artifact known as the Hand of Vecna in the Tomb of the Sleeper in eastern Valenar. On returning to the enclave in Tavick’s Landing, they found their mission already prepared, mobilized with squad Bravo, with a total of 80 units, almost half of Grey Company’s full-time soldiers.


The 27th of Nymm

Traveling to eastern Valenar was luckily uneventful, with little contact with the roving elven warbands. Near the Tomb of the Sleeper, a processional of pilgrims of the Keeper was attacked by Eryvael tribemembers. In the process, the body of a saint, as well as an artifact called Tiamat’s Prism was taken. Sister Isis begged the party to recover both.

“Those who dream beneath the stars cannot yet be seen by the blind one who waits beyond them. The stars are safe for now.” -Sybil

Deep in the Warwood, as the forest was called, the scent of blood in the air attracted undead denizens, killed in the Last War. The remnants of Cyran, Karrnathi, and Valenar forces hounded the company. A quarter of their number were killed or went missing. Rumors that the squads had been sent into a trap circled the troops.

The 3rd of Lharvion

At the entrance of the Tomb, Bravo and First-Tower slaughtered a group of poorly armed rabble guarding the tomb. Briefly dissipating the barrier surrounding it, a unit of First-Tower’s finest slid down on ropes…

Shortly after, a group of Eryvael launched a surprise flank while the undead were attacking the Grey Company’s base, wounding several diviners and capturing one, a kalashtar woman by the name of Zaravakri.

The first of two scouting party fails, with only one survivor.

The 5th of Lharvion

A small squad of reinforcement led by Kyrie “Cairo” rooks arrived. First-Tower returned with Tiamat’s Prism and the sarcophagus holding Raven Fallencrest’s remains. Rhonulus, captain of Bravo Squad, was reported as killed. Bravo and First-Tower withdrew from the Warwood.

The 9th of Lharvion

Bravo departed to take the wounded back towards Sharn.

The 12th of Lharvion

The party returned Raven’s remains to Sister Isis at the Manor of the Keeper. At the Manor, they found 10 wounded Grey Company soldiers. They met a wise sage named Vae, who offered to accompany the party.

The 14th of Lharvion

First-Tower withdrew from the Warwood, once again.

Party is made up of… 22 units.
There are 8 PC characters, 4 battle-ready named NPCs, and a named noncombatant.
The remaining 9 NPCs are wounded or incapacitated and ineffective combatants.

Two of the noncombatant NPCs are wilderness scouts (tracking and foraging checks), and one of them is a Dwarf well-versed in architecture and structure (dungeon checks). The three from Squad Elysia are adept in religious rituals pertaining to the Sovereign host (religion checks and low level rituals).

Name Species Squad Role
Cpt. Brin S. Shifter F Brin Arcane artillery
Bardan Halfling M Brin Specialist
Crowe Daeva M Brin Diviner
Voluntas Eladrin M Brin Swordsman
Genloneras Minotaur M Brin Axe Warrior
Selene Dryad F Brin Artificer
Yuriel Daeva M Brin Arcane artillery
Shin Dragonblood M Cairo Swordsman
Egypt R. Shifter M Cairo Specialist
Cairo R. Shifter F Cairo Swordswoman
Aleister Human M Cairo Specialist
Sage Vae Half-Elf M ???? Noncombatant
“Princess” Tiefling F Elysia Arcane artillery
Human F Elysia Halberdier
Human F Elysia Armor Halberdier
Melanis Tiefling M Bravo Spearman
Human M Bravo Wilderness scout
Human F Bravo Spearwoman
Halfling M Bravo Wilderness scout
Halfling F Bravo Swordswoman
C. Shifter F Bravo Archer
Dwarf M Gutbuster Armor Axe-Knight

They encountered two major forces of elves during the withdrawal. The first was with Aerolan Swordstorm and a small retinue of elite Firstlight elves. The second was with Vorian Southstar and portion of the Southstar Warband.

Also, a large red dragon assaulted the group. Unfortunately, Egypt, Cairo’s father is killed.

Epilogue Quest Hooks

Bardan, Most Interesting Sage in the World

Everyone keeps saying you used to be a sage of some sort. I mean, when in the manor, you had that kick-ass beard. Are they on to something?

Bardan's Revelations
Property: Gain a +2 item bonus to skill checks.
Power (Daily): Minor Action. Until the end of the encounter, you and your allies gain 
a +1 bonus to skill checks with a single skill of your choice.

Searching your memories, you recall where you left your +3 Vistani acoustic guitar. It’s back in Wroat, the capital of Breland. You lent it to the King, presumably to help him get laid.

Brin, Walker in Shadow

From her Eryvael cousins, Brin retrieved a cape enchanted by Romulus.

Eryvael Dragonkith Cape
Property: You gain resist 1 to all damage.

Aleister is famous for being the Shadow Sun ninja personally responsible for training the hero, Raven Fallencrest. If you were to seek him out, he may be willing to train the newest owner of the Dragon Sword. (Grants item bonus, Rapidstrike) This path rejects Kurja’s Essence Mage hook.

Embracing the shadow, blurring the lines between magic and reality, you can grow more powerful (Grants the boon, Kurja’s Boon of Arcane Might). Kurja will be pleased.

Crowe, Fastest Faggot in Eberron

Briefly, while visiting the manor, you felt a burst of speed and dexterity you weren’t used to. Your muscles are spry, your reflexes, quick. Crowe gains the following boon.

Dynamic Steps
Property: Gain a +2 item bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics checks. 
Power (1/day): Free Action. Reroll an Acrobatics or an Athletics check, using new result. 
Changes: Power is 1/day instead of daily.
Base Item: Dynamic Belt, PHB

Searching your memories, you recall that you lent your most powerful weapon to a beautiful woman named Lanavakri. This is the same name as the Ibis-headed sphinx you’d met during the Talentaan campaign.

Kurja shares with you secrets of dragons. Adding to your already impressive memories of a thousand lifetimes is knowledge of your enemies. Steeled in your resolve, you can inspire your allies to greater bravery.

Inspired Bravery
Property: When you end your turn, one ally who can see you can make a saving throw against a charm effect 
or a fear effect.

Gen, Forgotten Prince

Gen loses his Warstomp power.

Every time you think back, your head spins and it becomes hard to breathe, like it did with the poison. You remember their faces, their dying breaths, their final curses. You could never forget, even if you tried. The nightmares each night make you reject your identity as a berserker. You focus your rage into training… As you try to calm yourself, you realize the Rhok’delar Orb responds much better to you with concentration. The Rhok’delar Orb grows in power.

Cursed Rhok'delar Orb
Enhancement: +4 attack rolls and damage rolls.
Critical: +4d6 damage.
Power (Encounter * Polymorph): As a free action, the orb can change into the user's favored weapon. 
When brandishing, the weapon may change forms, further. This effect lasts until the end of the encounter, 
or until you end it as a minor action. 
Changes: Power greatly changed.
Base item: Dynamic Weapon

The Rhok’delar Weapon has two forms when wielded by Genloneras, affected by his thoughts. The first is its Noble Form, looking permanently impressive, well-maintained, and bejeweled. Its blade is sharpened to a fine edge, and reflects light especially well. The second is its Primal Form, covered in feathers, tribal markings, and topped with a human skull. Its blade is notched, with some parts of it jagged.

Noble Form
Property: +4 to bluff and diplomacy, even when sheathed. 
Property2: You cannot rage, and end all rage effects immediately. 
Power (Daily): Standard action. Can plant a magical suggestion with a successful Diplomacy check vs Will. 
Target will react favorably to the suggestion, as if it was asked by a close friend.
Primal Form
Property: You are considered to be raging. 
Property2: You have a -10 penalty to bluff and diplomacy. 
Power (Encounter): No action. When beneath 0 hp, you may choose to stay standing.
You may take one standard action before falling. This action must be offensive in nature.

Shin, Rival Ninja

Cairo has learned to run over water. Your rival is getting ahead! You need more practice. You spend a few sleepless nights, running over water. You level up your skills considerably. Shin gains the following boons.

Water Surface Sprinting
Property: You can move on water as if it were solid ground, but may not end your turn in such a square.
Property: Ignore difficult terrain in forests and jungles. Also, gain a +4 item bonus to Acrobatics
checks to reduce damage from a fall, and to Athletics checks to climb and jump while in trees. 
Power (Encounter): Move Action. Balance and climb at your speed until the end of your turn. 
You don't grant combat advantage while doing so. 
Base item: Branchrunners, AdV

Voluntas, Prince of the Sun

In preparation for your ascent as Morninglord, your Blade Guide offers a choice. The ritual is to be harsh, on mind, body, and soul. You choose to strengthen your skill in combat, so your spirit can be judged after your actions. All tests now and in the future rely on your prowess. Voluntas gains following boon.

Eternal Blade Step
Property: When you shift or teleport, gain a +1 item bonus to AC and Reflex until the end of your next turn. 
Power (Encounter): Minor Action. Shift 2 squares. 
Changes: This power stacks with the Translocation Cloak.
Base Item: Davros Elden's Defensive Step, DMG2

Being promoted to captain of Squad Elysia, and taking the path of the Morninglord in order to replace the fallen Frena Firstlight, Voluntas also gains the following boons.

Unflagging Energy
Property: When you spend an action point to take an extra action to make an attack, that attack is a 
critical hit on a roll of 18 or higher.
Weaponmaster Soul +3
Property: Any weapon in Voluntas' hands counts as a +3 magic weapon for the purpose of attack and damage.

Yuriel, Destabilizing Mage

Unconsciously, the magic of Yuri the hunter has been growing stronger within you. Your eyes are becoming like hawks, your ears like bats, your sense of smell like a dog. You can speak with Arrakis as if she had been your friend for all her life. If you were to pull a little bit more of the magic… Yuriel gains the following boon.

Yuri the Soulfang Hunter
Property: At the start of each session, create one soulfang equal to your level or lower. This power must 
be able to affect yourself. Your powers are considered primal for the purpose of this power. The soulfang 
can be activated once per encounter, but is not consumed. At the end of the session, the soulfang is lost. 
Special: Leveling up this power may allow two soulfangs to be created, but only one soulfang may be used 
each encounter.

Soon, he gains a second boon, learning the magic of the Firstlight elves as if natural…

Firstlight Arrow
Property: You can have up to 5 charges of this ability. After an extended rest, all charges expire. 
Power (At-Will): Minor Action, 1/round. Make a ranged basic attack on a creature vs their fortitude. 
Allies may elect to not resist. If successful, the target expends a healing surge but does not regain 
hit points as normal. Instead add 1 charge to this ability. Charges gained from unwilling creatures 
last until the encounter ends. 
Power (Firstlight Encounter * Healing) Immediate Reaction. Use this power when an ally within 20 
squares of you takes damage. Expend 1 charge from this ability. The ally regains hit points as though 
he or she had spent a healing surge and regains an extra 1d6 hit points. 
Power (FirstLight Encounter) Free Action. Trigger: When you make a ranged basic attack. Expend 1 charge 
from this ability. Instead of doing damage as normal, do damage equal to the healing surge value 
of the last creature whose healing surge you've taken. 
Special: You may only use one FirstLight power per encounter. 
Changes: Minor Action to gain healing surge. Can attack. 
Base Item: Healer's Sash, ADV


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