Swords of Order and Strife Prologue

The 23rd of Lharvion, the seventh month, in the Year of our Kingdom 1013

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Brin and company return from the Valenar campaign with about 20 survivors. Only three days before, had Kenta Darkmoon and Alpha Squad left for Zilargo. News from Aleister suggests that 400 of Deneith’s forces are moving, and everyone’s fears is that they’re moving against the 50 soldiers of Grey Company…

Because of Bravo squad’s destruction and Rhon’s death, Brin is promoted to Captain of a new B Squad, by Kosius of Rekkenmark. Due to Captain Naenia’s death, Voluntas is promoted to Captain of Elysia, with Cyndi Quinn as his 2nd.

Raven Fallencrest and Brin Chi’vax meet with Genevieve Stark. Raven takes the Dragon Sword and Tiamat’s Prism and separates from Brin, intent on going to Hycael, while Brin reinforces Alpha Squad in Zilargo. Raven takes three new apprentices, the Aora Triplets, also from the Chi’vax tribe.

At around the same time, Crowe receives a distress Sending spell from Lanavakri, from the Oasis of Mithrendain, in eastern Talenta. He begins making plans for a collected assault to take back the oasis.

The 26th of Lharvion

Kosius gives his approval for a new squadron named Ivalice to investigate kidnappings in Central Breland. Ivalice is lead by Raven Fallencrest, accompanied by several Company members whose hometowns are in question. Rumors have been spread that an infamous group named the Black Rain clan have been the culprits.

The 28th of Lharvion

Voluntas slays Decipia d’Thurrani, shapechanger and masterful actor. Records have shown that she had acted as Frena Firstlight in Sharn, for over 10 years, while the real Frena adventured with her Order. Decipia is blamed for the mass murder of the employees at the Phiarlan enclave in Sharn, earlier in the year.

The 1st of Barrakas

Brin Squad departs by ship, to the Zil city of Thurimbar…

The 4th of Barrakas

Ivalice Squad returns to Breland with the artifacts called the Knives of Black Rain.

Mission Part 1

Kenta Darkmoon has mobilized Alpha Squad, 50 units from the elites of Grey Company, including a number of Deathsgate and Highwind members. Their mission is to recover the swords of Order and Strife, the Aeriten scimitar and the Daravel longsword. Their client is an eladrin from the spire of Pylas Pyrial, and they work with the permission of the Zil government. Their enemy is several tribes and several hundreds of kobolds, banding together under a kobold named Rakanishu the Stormlord.

Three and a half days after Alpha squad departed, Captain Brin attempted a sending ritual. The ritual failed. Uncertainty lies in the hot zone.

The 2nd of Barrakas

Genloneras took over the ship’s steering. The SS Anubis crashed into a reef. Captain Voluntas paid a group of aquatic elves for repairs.

The 10th of Barrakas

A bronze dragon headed a scrag attack, against the ship. Genloneras and Yuriel were gravely wounded. The right side of Gen’s face was mauled horribly, and several ribs were broken. Yuriel lost his remaining left eye and suffered a debilitating burn on the front of his abdomen.

The 12th of Barrakas

The SS Anubis landed in the Zil port city, Thurimbar. Pooling their money together, Brin squad afforded magical care for Gen and Yuri, allowing them to continue fighting.

The 16th of Barrakas

Brin Squad found a Karrnathi Deneith scout named Nautica, who informed them that the Grey Company forces and a small force of Deneith are trapped inside Fort Bardan. Upon reaching Fort Bardan, Nautica was promoted to captain after Captain Iatesh d’Deneith passed away.

The 25th of Barrakas

Grigbad and a number of hobgoblins from the Wordbearer clan offered to assist Fort Bardan against the kobold forces, in exchange for the Dhakaani blades, retrieved by Grey Company. Their forays into the Underdark also slightly supplanted the Fort’s supplies.

The 7th of Rhaan

Theseus, himself, comes alone to Fort Bardan to discuss terms of negotiation. He sets impossible terms, and declares his army’s victory.

The 8th of Rhaan

A consolidated Draconian army attacks Fort Bardan. The crazed red dragon, Macbeth, reanimated into a dracolich deals massive damage to both sides of the conflict. Ultimately, House Deneith and the Grey Company are successful. Theseus is spotted, withdrawing.

The 13th of Rhaan

The injured and civilians are successfully escorted back to port city Thurimbar. A number of Grey Company members are waiting in the city. Genevieve Stark opens a portal to the city of Charm in East Talenta.


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