Ktessipus and the Angels

Nymm, the sixth month

Crowe has been busy with the rebuilding of the Grey Company. Seeing Kurja’s mission request, he does not realize its importance and files it to be read later. He never sees the letter again.

Bardan has accepted the job as Brelish diplomat. The letter arrives, but is never read. It is filtered out by his loyal female bodyguards as spam. Accompanying him are the two rivals in love, Bermuda d’Lyrandar and Maria d’Kundarak.

Brin receives no such letter, but is told by the Aora sisters of Kurja’s wish to leave. She arrives in time to see the group depart. She thinks she sees Kurja look back, for her.

The 6th of Barrakas, the eight month, in the Year of our Kingdom 1015

Approximately two years after the cleansing of the Oasis, Genevieve Stark and a small band of adventurers gather. Meeting with Lanavakri, the beautiful Kalashtar mage-guardian of the Oasis, she shrugs at Jenna’s teasing with, “Even though the Mithrendain cursed me once, I still couldn’t bring myself to hate this beautiful place. I will forever be the Guardian of the Oasis. And as the Guardian, I wish you luck and safety on your journey…”

Using the Knives of Black Rain, they seem to pierce the very fabric of the world and hang motionlessly in the air. Reading words from the quartz-crystal obelisk, Jenna channels its magic, which strikes the obsidian-black horn, Tiamat’s Prism. Aora, Teora, and Syaora Chi’vax chant in unison, while Raven Fallencrest swings the Dragon Sword. The action rips a great hole that stays open because of the Knives. In the hole is a thousand colors, spinning, and screaming. The hole spits acid, the purest water, blood, warm sunlight, burning rancid wind, and the sweetest honey.

Raven Fallencrest states, “the time has come for me to kill you, Romulus.” With a resounding yell, he jumps into the portal. The three Aora sisters hold hands in a circle and jump in after him.

Zhaleik Tallasht whispers, “Voluntas, I’ll never see you again. Forgive your father. Every day, I’ve lived in honor, but with no one but Frena believing in me. You are free from my destiny. Live on.” And he walks into the portal.

The 12 foot Golden Minotaur named Pit-Fighter turns to the 25 foot tall Minotaur King Karkillian, “Father, is this okay?” With a gruff snort, the blind Minotaur King with the stark-white coat nods and crouches into the portal. With a grunt, Pit-Fighter jumps forward.

Genloneras, with his head held up, clutches his weapon tightly in his hands, seething with anger in his soul. He walks into the portal regally, with the Botan pig mounted on his shoulder.

The 13th of Eyre, the fourth month, in the Year of our Kingdom 1006

The trip through the Warp is at one time sickening, at the same time the most wonderful experience you ever experience. Children’s cries intermix with the dying breaths of old men. Lifes and deaths flash before your eyes. When it’s over, and you lose the contents of your stomach, sound begins returning to your ears, replacing the white ringing. You hear the familiar sound of battle and smell blood and smoke. You’re in the thick Valenar forests, and elves, unarmored civilians with fear in their eyes, run in every direction, chased by fully armored elves carrying spears topped with thick blades.

Karkillian, Pit-Fighter, Zhaleik, and the Aora triplets are nowhere to be seen.

Genevieve, however, stands at-ready, next to Kurja, wielding the Dragon Sword in both hands, ready for battle. “Stand, or never against dare to call yourselves heroes. The Selani Rebellion is happening, the battle where Raven and Aenaeas are killed.”

“But I thought the Selani Rebellion was a success?” a surprised Jenna argues, “The rebels are being slaughtered!”

With a backhand, Jenna falls to the mud, holding her reddening cheek, “The instigator of the coup de’tat disappeared. We will make this come to pass.” The white of Kurja’s eyes blacken completely, a tiny golden dot appearing, his grin stretches and grows fangs, and his hair hardens into two black horns. “BLOOD WILL RAIN FROM THE SKY! THAT OF ELVES! THAT OF DRAGONS! THAT OF BOTH GODS AND MORTALS! STAND, HEROES, AND SPILL BLOOD!”

The mage on the floor whispers, “Let’s recover Sir Fallencrest, the Sleeper, and Prince Aenaeas… Then, we can return.”

Sigil, the Astral Sea

Party arrives in Sigil. They rest long enough for Genevieve to recuperate, then continue. Lamar tells them that Aenaeas was seen shortly after, and he entered the portal ahead of the party. No one was with him.

Genloneras [Old World] – a hulking berserker minotaur with one horn and an intimidating white dragonmark on his face, previously of the Grey Company
Shade [Old World] – an unseeming elven rogue from the Grey Company
Yuriel [Old World] – a blind Daeva caster, previously of the Grey Company

Rin Whitesoul [Valaes Tairn Ex-General] – a human woman, armed and armored to lead
Raven Fallencrest [Selani Rebel] – a sorcerous hero who’s good at heart
Randalf [Selani Rebel] – an old wizard who’s been around
Shin Asakura [Selani Rebel] – a dirtbag samurai who thinks he’s royalty
(Aenaeas Southstar) [Selani Rebel] – a tall elven warrior out for blood

Kurja [Old World] – Raven-lookalike with black hair, goal is to kill Romulus
Genevieve [Old World] – Beautiful horned tiefling who has power over portals and time

Mithrendain, Thelanis: Day 1

The party arrives in the Eladrin city of Mithrendain and heroically save a beautiful purple-haired eladrin from assassins. They agree to help her, in exchange for her power in bringing them back through the gate from which they came.

Genevieve is missing.

Aenaeas Southstar, Pit-Fighter, Minotaur King Karkillian, Zhaleik Tallasht, and the three Aora Triplets are missing… But they may be here.

The party travels towards the Council Celebration, an event where the citizens of Mithrendain can speak with the 7 council members, personally, about the city’s affairs. The party meets with an old elf named Lord E’li of the Northwind, his canary, Mars, and his female escort, Trowa. They also deal with a hunter enthusiast named Solonor, and his companion, Tsutecki, and display their own hunting prowess.

At the celebration, the party deals with all 7 council members, and steal a fake Symbol of Office from councilman Gaston. Further, they learn from several councilmembers that a noblewoman named Jelvistra is responsible for seduction, bribery, and manipulation within the council. Armed with proof of treachery, Enya leads the party to her informant, Ilteris of the Thousand-Eyes Outcasts in the slums of the city, the Old Battery.

Meeting in a warehouse, the party and the Thousand-Eyes are attacked en masse by several dozen quicklings led by a mercenary. After their attack is put down, Ilteris urges the group to take the underground tunnels to safety, as the streets are no longer safe.

The party recognizes the Fake Seal being a scryed object and uses it to lead away their pursuers. Finding safety in the labyrinth beneath the city, Enya leads the party towards the Council building to gather her forces. On the way, however, the party happens upon Gaston’s seal destroyed, a feat only possible by using Gaston’s Symbol. Suspecting that Gaston is, in fact, too stupid to betray his city, the heroes enter a hole to the Feydark to seek answers.

Genloneras is killed by denizens of the Feydark. In a room of magic, a loose portal opens, revealing a wounded golden minotaur and purple-skinned Daeva, Pit-Fighter and Altair. Carrying mortal wounds and in despair at finding out the death of Genloneras, Pit-Fighter reveals that he is, in fact, a Genloneras of a different world. Before his lover, Enya, could argue, Pit-Fighter re-enters the portal from which he entered, to battle to the death.

Approaching a mushroom forest, the party is ambushed by elves allied to the Valaes Tairn Empire. Seeing as these elves may not know of Rin’s defection, Raven tries convincing their skeptical leader, an elf named Selnarine, that they should stand down. Seeing Rin’s dragon helmet ultimately makes Selnarine cease her troops’ attack. Selnarine then informs the party that Gaston’s room is up ahead.

In Gaston’s room is a waiting and grinning Theseus, in his silver-haired human form. He forces the party to answer riddles, or be killed by him, in exchange for their safety as they rest. Successfully answering his riddles, the mercurial dragon guards them and even kills the group of outer plane demons that were invisibly following the party’s progress.

Mithrendain, Thelanis: Day 2

Upon waking, the party finds that Theseus has cooked them all breakfast. Except Yuriel. He likes dicking Yuriel.

The party finds two new allies in the jail cells near Gaston’s room, a human monk named Takeshi, and a dwarf named Naral. In a dungeon in the next wing, Gunhild Viktoria, Naral’s daughter is found in critical condition. She is placed in Gaston’s arcane-locked room with Altair.

The party strikes a deal with a purple-haired fanged girl named Psyche, who disables her ally, an elf named Orpheus Northstar. She asks for something of value from each creature who wishes passage.

From Ravenastrasz, she requests pain, and is given two damaging nipple-twists from the monk.
From Takeshi, she requests gems and is given an expensive and artistic emerald.
From Yuriel, she asks for the cover of his face, and is given the cloth around his eyes.
From Shin, she asks for his restraint, and is given a lesson in making out.
From Randalf, she asks for dignity, and is given his pants.
From Rin, she asks for some of her past, and is given her Osiran Angel helm.
From Naral, she asks for his pride, and is given the hair, shaved from his chin, cleanly.

In exchange, she promises to keep the Northstar elf away from your battle.

In an unused temple, the party fights Gaston, Jelvistra, a lamia, and her lackeys. Jelvistra and her lackeys are defeated, and Gaston is knocked unconscious without his realization. Reviving Gaston, he informs the party that is planning to double cross Jelvistra, defeating her, once and for all. Lying through their teeth, the party informs him that he already did. He does not question their legitimacy. Among Jelvistra’s personal effects is a letter from the Fomorian King, Xerxes, ordering Jelvistra to infiltrate Mithrendain and seduce the Council.

Backtracking, the party finds that Gunhild Viktoria, Altair, Selnarine, and Selnarine’s group have all been brutally killed. Gunhild Viktoria’s corpse was mutilated beyond recognition. Altair’s throat-slit corpse had traces of mercury, as if by Theseus. And Selnarine and her unit was demolished by a creature or creatures that wielded two swords, in Theseus’ fighting style.

They find Enya, hiding in fear of Theseus, alive as if by miracle. She leads her heroes and heroine back to the surface…


Enya calls an emergency meeting with the Council, bringing up the letter as proof. Gaston admits to his involvement, but due to Enya’s and the party’s words of support, he is not exiled, and instead stripped of his titles and possessions. This only makes Gaston excited, and he swears to rebuild his name from the ground-up. Gaston’s mansion is awarded to the group with everyone’s blessing, including Gaston. Gaston builds a shack next to his mansion, that connects to the game room, even though he technically doesn’t live in his mansion, anymore. Nobody shoots pool like Gaston.

The party is rewarded the title the Mithrendain Knights of the Yellow Rose. But you guys will never remember that. Urged by Enya to return to their world, before the effects of Mithrendain would be too felt, the party follows her advice. Meeting up, again with Kurja (“If you took any longer, I would have searched for you… leaving a path of dead elves in my wake.”) the party enters the Gate that leads back to Eberron…


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