Alice and the Dreamers

The 12th of Rhaan, the 8th month, in the Year of our Kingdom 959

The party emerges from the hideout and return to Barrinsgate. They meet with Lady Stella Lightbringer, who informs them that 10 years have passed since they were last seen. They later meet with Dark Star, who informs them that since the death of Remus, the Empire has not quite been able to find a competent general.

In the time gone, Dark Star has spoken with Julietta about the party’s role in the fall of the Empire. Dark Star sends the party to find and kill a woman named Festaud il’Sook, a Cyran whose massive funds support the Empire.

The 19th of Rhaan

Nalar receives a weapon, of which he can hope to one day kill Theseus with. It is an axe named Illusion Breaker. It is an incomplete weapon, however, and Nalar still needs another component to harm Theseus, the pure essence of hatred from an insane mind.

The 20th of Rhaan

Kenta d’Lyrandar pilots an airship to north eastern Cyre. The party is dropped off in a city named Ransem, along the Cyre river. In the city, the party hears rumors of an abandoned wizard’s tower called Alice’s Tower.

The 21st of Rhaan

The party investigates the tower. They are attacked by a Hydra, and in the confusion, it drags an unconscious Yuriel down into the depths of the Cyre River. Aenaeas tries to save him, leaping towards the river and springing off of one of Randalf’s summons, but does not succeed.

Inside the tower, the party deals with Undead. They find a library full of knowledge about combating undead. They are met by an angel named Caelynna who warns them of the dangers of the tower. She soon isolates Nalar and attacks him, severely wounding him, leaving a permanent burn scar on the center of his forehead, and breaking his enchanted axe. Rin breaks through the door and kills her. Her motives were still unknown.

At the higher parts of the tower, the party finds evidence of a woman living there, but they soon abandon the tower.

The 28th of Rhaan

The party returns to Ransem to restock. They find Corinne, the servant girl of Lady Rie Amberguard, who asks the party to the Festuad Manor, south of the city. There, Lady Rie offers the party a reward for Festuad’s safe return. The party departs towards the Forest of Alice with one of Julietta’s agents, a ranger with the alias Jaclyn Tallasht.

They come across Festuad’s caravan and learn that Festuad’s current circle included several backstabbers, lead by a Joaquin Tantalroy. They befriend a shadar-kai named Astrid and a Halfling Wererat named Twitch. Jaclyn is later killed in an ambush by hired thugs.

At the end of the Bloody Path, the party fights strange creatures of nightmare. Nalar is killed and dragged to Khyber by the vengeful ghost of his daughter, Gunhild Viktoria.

The 1st of Sypheros

A Bone Knight of Karrnath named Zweolf joins the party, and with his help, the party defeats Red Alice and her nightmare creatures, one of which was previously his fiancĂ©e. Red Alice, however, escapes the fight. All of Festuad’s treacherous companions, save Joaquin Tantalroy were found killed in Alice’s Tower. Tantalroy is still on the loose.

Leaving Alice’s tower, the party confronts Justicar and a host of angels, including Jin. Defeating them and questioning his own beliefs, Justicar leaves.

the party find a person they previously knew as Lathaniel of Lathander, now calling himself Vae. Kurja goes berserk and lashes out at the party in an effort to kill Lathaniel, using the forbidden magics of Red Alice and the Dream Forest in the process. Kurja withdraws from the fight.

The party finds Twitch. He accompanies the party. They find the necromancer Clover Dantus, the woman known as the Alice of the Tower, with a message from Genevieve Stark, the Skeleton Key. Genevieve has been captured by Justicar and her powers over time have allowed him, Theseus, and some other Empire units to follow the party. But because Justicar has been defeated, Theseus abuses his power and imprisons the angel Jin, in order to torture Genevieve, and disrupt her concentration over the spell keeping the party in the past. The party must act quickly, because if Genevieve loses control, nothing good will come of it.

The 2nd of Sypheros

Returning to Ransem, the party leaves a comatose Vae at an inn, with Damascus. Going to Festuad, the party defends the manor, first from a host of angels, then, with the help of Troanaxxia, Mars, and Justicar, fended off powerful nightmare creatures, led by a trio of shadow giants in the guise of Raven, Kurja, and one unknown. Zol succumbs to the unknown warrior, his bones cracked and broken.

The Beast King Karkillian offers his champion, Katrin, to the party’s cause. The six-fingered acolyte, Reno, offers the party knowledge of Nephilim Souls, Nephilim Godlings, and fate woven by the Draconic Prophecies.

With the help of Trowa, Mars, and Reno, the party is flown back to Red Alice’s tower. Trowa and Mars are summoned back to the NorthWind court by a third gold dragon, named Sonngrad the Wing, or colloquially as Sora. Raven attains Sora’s contact information.

The party defeats Red Alice and upon returning to Festuad’s mansion, they cut off an angel’s hand, guaranteeing that Festuad il’Sook will never be able to ally with the Empire.


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