Psyche and the Devils

The 23rd of Therendor, the Third Month, in the Year of our Kingdom 1015

Watching fleeting moments of the second Selani Rebellion in the year 1012, history has been changed. Romulus lay dead, and the rebels live.

The party intuitively travels to Verona in Eastern Breland, hoping to meet with their patron, Julietta. They find that Julietta has been killed and are asked by her daughter, Tybalt, to continue her quest to end the war between the Elves and Bahamut, the War Against Siberys.

The party travels to Rekkenmark in Western Karrnath, a clue left by Julietta in her passing, and prophesied by Sora Teraza of Droaam.

The 3rd of Eyre, the Fourth Month

In Rekkenmark, the party meets with old allies, including Halzen, a father figure to Rin, and Alyssa d’Cannith, college sweetheart of Ravenstrasz, and Sonngrad, of Bahamut’s Court. They meet with Durbela of the Emerald Claw and Stella Lightbringer, now leader of the Sand Kings. Both groups vie for fragments of an artifact called the Scroll of the Spiral Gate, supposedly able to open the gate to a realm called Rune-Midgard. The Emerald Claw seeks to use its power to strengthen Karrnath’s intelligence and information gathering tenfold. The Sand Kings seek to preserve the balance and deny the scroll from any one power.

They catch an adventurer named Hayata, spying on them. Interrogating her, they find that she is from the Crimson Lotus organization, and ultimately let her free. Seeking the third of four scroll fragments (two in possession of the Sand Kings), the party travels to an estate owned by the Amberguard family, a prestigious house from Aundair. There, they find a student named Connely, who was researching the scroll. She provides an arcane key and a map to a tomb in the Demon Wastes where the scroll has been buried.

The 9th of Eyre

The party takes the train to Aundair and affords passage on a Lyrandar airship to the Demon Wastes. They land in the Tharashk outpost of Blood Crescent, gear up, then make their way to the tomb.

Via the Sending Irons, Kurja and Raven share their findings and activities. Previous allies have been attacked, across Eberron. The Oasis near Charm in Talenta was attacked and Lanavakri was killed. Lady Lightbringer’s estate in Barrinsgate was burnt to the ground (explaining her presence in Karrnath instead of Breland). Festuad was tracked down and assassinated. Yuriel and the Gatekeepers have been attacked in the Eldeen Reaches, the druids suffering heavy casualties.

As for their activities, the dragon pair plan to hunt down a powerful silver dragon located in Thrane.


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