902 YK
Pilatrius passes away.

949/06 – Dragon’s Hand p.II
Raven Fallencrest and his allies emerge from a gate from Thelanis

Remus is slain.

959 YK – Shadukar Playtest
Karrnathi forces take the Thranish city of Shadukar.

Raven Fallencrest and allies awaken in Barrinsgate

Raven Fallencrest and allies awaken in what is now Valenar. Ignatius of the Unvanquished joins their efforts.

A devil army led by Ignatius of the Unvanquished purges the Lhazaar island, the Dragon’s Palm.

992 YK
Noar (and Yuuya) join the Wolves

994 YK
Day of Mourning. Halzen joins Wolves early this year. Rin joins late this year

996 YK
The Last War ends.

996 YK – Emperor’s Tear Campaign
A Thranish expedition is lead by Jerulas Lee Crucis into Aundair to combat the forces of evil, early in the year. Campaign ends late that year.

998 YK
Wolves split from the Order of Rekkenmark.

998 YK – Rangrim’s Rangers Playtest
A Mror dwarf named Rangrim and his party unleashes a terrible evil into the world.

1000 YK
Geneon killed. Halzen takes over Wolves of Rekkenmark

1006/01/18 – Wyrmslayer Campaign
Aeros Highblade party found in the Mournlands by Rekkenmark expedition.

Aeros Highblade party lost Aeros Highblade party defeats Romulous, but soon disappears

1007 YK
Rekkenmark Wolves become a part of Order of Rekkenmark, at behest of King Kaius III.
Kenta Darkmoon leads remainder of Wolves to Breland.

1008 YK
Wolves attain a guild enclave in Sharn, taking over a fallen guild called Deathsgate. Because of its proximity to the Karrn district, Greywall, the company’s official name changed to the Grey Company. Numbers reach 200, over 75% Brelish.

1012/04 – Dragon’s Hand Campaign
First-Tower squad is formed in the Grey Company. Squad is sent to the Shadow Marches to recover the Coat of Eyes. They travel to the outer city of Blackroot to recover it.

First-Tower squad is sent to the Blackcap Mountains in northern Breland to recover the Blade of Saint Gavus. They travel to the Pillars of Night to recover it.

First-Tower squad is sent to southern Karrnath to investigate the disappearance of Genevieve Stark. They travel to eastern Talenta, near the city of Charm, in order to recover her.

Bravo and First-Tower squads are sent to eastern Valenar to retrieve the Hand of Vecna. They enter a section of forest called the Warwood. A large number of troops are lost or killed, and the Hand of Vecna was deemed unrecoverable.

Voluntas is promoted to captain of Elysia Squad. First-Tower is relegated to militia duty in Sharn. Brin takes a number of First Tower squad members and leads Brin squad to Zilargo to back up Alpha. Alpha Squad and a Deneith batallion from Karrnath are besieged in Fort Bardan by a dragon named Theseus and his Draconian army. The Swords of Order and Chaos were recovered, but lost.

The Draconian army gathers and attacks the fort, but are defeated. Grey Company and the Deneith batallion return to Thurimbar. Brin Squad is immediately transported to eastern Talenta to eliminate the summoner of the Draconian army, Tanamar Rhok’delar.

1015/04 YK
Kurja, Genloneras, and Yuriel travel back in time, with the help of Genevieve Stark at the Oasis in Talenta.

1015/10 YK
Aenaeas, Rin, and Raven find themselves in Valenar after Genevieve’s spell wears off. Yuriel finds himself in Talenta and Katrin finds herself in Droaam.


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