Warforged are intelligent constructs, artificial humanoids, made during the Last War by House Cannith. Most are bulky humanoids covered in plates of metal and stone. They have simple humanlike features, heavy brows and hinged, toothless jaws. The forehead of soldier warforged bears a unique rune called a ghulra.

Advanced warforged resemble metallic humanoids, graduating from bulky iron juggernauts, to sleek smooth ceremonial armored units that double as steely whirlwinds of death. Their more common nickname is RESEMBLE, the name for house Cannith’s android appendages. RESEMBLE warforged such as these still have identifying ghulra’s, usually in an obvious location.

Many warforged modify their own appearance, putting them apart from one another, as soldiers, for safety, efficiency, and many times for power. Detailed metal faces, similar to a human’s, are a common modification, as is permanent welding of a certain country’s armored helm.

Some Aundairian artificers use dynamic malleable metal faceplates, with a similar feel to flesh, facial features manipulated by low-level magic. Many warforged with RESEMBLE faces have trouble controlling them; facial responses having to be practiced and applied when appropriate, with difficulty, far from reactionary.

Warforged only feel pain from a harmful injury, ignoring pain from repair operations and minor wounds. Their bodies have an internal network of tubes that fill with a blood-like fluid that nourishes and lubricates their systems.

Most warforged identify themselves as male, though females do exist, especially amongst advanced warforged. Warforged names are ranged, mostly a simple name relating to a job, ability, or military position. Often, Warforged accept a name or nickname given by comrades, though some search for a particular name that truly defines them. Many also take a name common to another race.


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